LG Chocolate: 5000 sold on launch day in Japan – Are they mad?

Seems like the LG Chocolate has caused a massive stir in Japan because on launch day alone 5000 of these mobile phones were sold and since that day 2,000 have been sold daily, this means that this made LG to forecast 200,000 Chocolates sold by the end of this year. We here in the UK have already had the LG Chocolate with everyone loving the design but really hating the use-ability factor and we say hating with a capital H.

We have to remember though the Japanese Chocolate is a 3G/HSDPA enabled phone and we know what ever goes to Japan they will make a success out of it, so we applaud them, LG designed the Chocolate and as a global mobile phone has sold over 14 million units around the world but this is a shock too the system because we never thought it would hang on in Japan.

Check this out though — LG Chocolate has become the third best-selling handset out of eight high-end models sold by NTT DoCoMo and the LG Chocolate is ranked second in a popularity poll by price comparison website Kakaku.com.

What we want to know is “What is the reason behind this mobile phone being a massive success in Japan? Well to put it in plain a simple terms, they like the Chocolate’s design and with their marketing LG is working alongside DoCoMo to market the phone and its representatives have visited firsthand mobile phone retailers across Japan to promote it.

The LG Chocolate live on baby!

Source — Just AMP

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