Helio Ocean turns up the heat with business class power

Can Helio really turn up the heat and give us the Helio Ocean with business class power? At first the Helio Ocean was geared towards the younger generation but Helio would to go a few notches forward and bring as a more powerful device, they are turning up the enterprise appeal on the Helio Ocean.

So why all the change? Well basically in and effort to make the Helio Ocean device an enterprise class handset is the simple way of putting it really, they have already made available a few new software packages that will possibly help mobilize office duties.

This all includes the all new Helio File Viewer which will allow users of the Helio Ocean to view PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF files and Excel which gives them the option of zooming around within the document and even switch between landscape and portrait views. Users will also like to know that the Helio File Viewer will also support a larger number of image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, EMF, BMP and WMF.

Is there more? To right there is because Helio have just released an upgraded Mail for Microsoft Exchange application and the new mail for Microsoft Exchange gets boosted up to v1.2 and of which improves synchronization, alert and calendar of the Helio Ocean.

You can get your mitts on the refurbished lower-priced Helio Ocean which come on will help you with your daily office tasks, “Is the Helio Ocean the best device to buy for business use? Now that we cannot answer really but for $99 who cares that is cheap.

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