Google launch new mobile phone SMS search in China: Is this a good thing?

Google are the big boys but when will they ever stop? Well truthfully we hope never because they seem to impress in most things they take on, but one thing is for sure they slightly lag a little in China, well not anymore it seems.

Everyone wants to have a piece of China so what have Google done, well they have just launched a brand new service called SMS Search which will allow people in China to search the web via SMS.

How the new service works — Users can send text messages to a dedicated phone number and this is where Google come in because they will return those search results in a text message.

Google are very serious when it comes to China and to prove this they are very interested to note that the SMS Search is in fact their 25th localized product launched in the fastest growing economy in the world this year.

Source — ChinaTechNews.com

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