T-Mobile Germany 0 Vodafone 1: T-Mobile’s exclusivity rights for €999 unlocked iPhone

T-Mobile Germany news update: Following on from our recent news (Link) it seems that T-Mobile Germany loses the battle because the sole operator for the German Apple iPhone have announced that they will in fact be selling the iPhone device and yes unlocked for €999, the latest news comes after Vodafone won a court injunction which challenged T-Mobile’s exclusivity rights.

T-Mobile are now offering the unlocked/open device for an amount that will equate to around £717, they are also offering customers who already have bought the Apple iPhone the opportunity to have their device unlocked for €399 (£286). Great news all round it seems for those wanting their iPhone unlocked.

The operator will still sell the device brand new for an amazing discount price of only €399 only for customers who will sign up to a two year contract. We say this is great news to get the Apple iPhone unlocked.

What are your views on this matter?

Source — Mobile Today

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