The Cerulean F1+TX Bluetooth Stero Headset From iSkin

Have you ever wished you could skip a track on your iPod without having to dig down into your bag or pocket? Well now you can thanks to iSkin’s Cerulean F1 and TX combo.

The Cerulean F1 sees a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset take place of the usual earphones, while the TX is a tiny transmitter which plugs onto a iPod dock connector. The right earpiece is where the magic happens. It features the main multi-function control button, track skip controls, volume keys and an on/off switch.

Under a flap on the F1’s right earpiece there is a tiny four-pin mini USB port, where you can connect it to a computer’s USB port to charge. To get the F1 and TX in sync is easy, just push a couple of buttons and viola!

ISkin also provide a second adaptor which houses a full-size USB port to enable you to connect the TX to your computer as an alternative speaker.


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