Samsung G800 Vodafone pay monthly cheap deals: Choose your price plan

Everyone wants the new Samsung G800, but not everyone wants to pay a lot of money and that is why we are letting you all know about the amazing price plans Vodafone have to offer. You can choose you very own price plan to suit your needs.

The Samsung G800 is an awesome 5 MP camera phone with many features that will make you very happy indeed, most of the deals over at Vodafone have an half price monthly cost for the first 3 months for example —

FREE Samsung G800 phone/£30.00 – £15.00 for the first 3 mths/300 anytime mins/500 inclusive texts.

That is just one example of many and we mean many so there will be no disappointment finding the deal that will suit you.

So come on go get your Samsung G800 for free from Vodafone, just click the logo – Samsung G800 Vodafone pay monthly cheap deals


6 thoughts on “Samsung G800 Vodafone pay monthly cheap deals: Choose your price plan”

  1. Well when i got this fone in front of me physically my first reaction was OH NO!!.The G800 is bulky and heavy like a lead bar of chocolate!.The screen text is awfull.It’ s like Samsung have gone backwards on this model .What HAVE they done?? -100 for design.Sent mine back and exchanged it for a G600!! Now that fone really is the business!!!!
    Lovely and slim with a great 5mp camera and all you need.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Got the phone yesterday and was really disappointed at the size of it. It is bulky and I phoned vodafone immediately to ask about sending it back as it was too big compared to my U600. I love Samsung phones, but I think I’ll stick to my old one for now until something slimmer comes out with the same features.

  3. CHERIE says:

    I got this phone a couple of days ago and thing its fab. Had looked at the samsung F700 and LG Viewty. As I text a lot, its much easrier that the touch screen of the veiwty and the F700 was aimed more at those that use the internet on their mobiles, which I don’t. I have been looking for a phone that matches my old Sharp 907 and this comes fairly close. A great phone and have never been too bothered by size as long as the phone works well.

  4. The Samsung G800 is far bigger than the G600 but then it is a different design and packs in a few more features.

    It is easiest to research the overall dimensions of a phone before buying online to make sure that it is not going to be too big for you.

  5. Alex says:

    The G800 is a great fone, yes it is much bigger than the U-series and G600, but it has a 5mpixel camera, 3xoptical zoom(thus the size) and the flash is pretty good too, good screen size and not to mention it is a 3G phone unlike the G600.

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