Debitel Germany have a plan: Offering €600 bonus for signing you unlocked Apple iPhone

Will you take the Debitel Germany plan? We all have heard about T-Mobile Germany forced to sell unlocked iPhones, well for now anyway but the latest news is that Debitel have a plan just for you which will help snatch some of you potential unlocked Apple iPhone customers.

First of all let us tell you about Debitel, they are the ones that will provide their customers with leased network time from its German counterparts, ok so what are they offering? Well how about €600 bonus to all new iPhone customers.

This actually means that the sign up bonus will help bring unlocked iPhone’s price tag of €999 to a more reasonable €399 (cannot argue with that can you) which means it is the same price that T-Mobile Germany charges for on-contract iPhones.

This deal from Debitel should and probably will appeal to all the Germans that are interested in an unlocked Apple iPhone which come on many of us are. So to put it all in simple and easy words, just sign up to the Debitel plan and get a €600 sign-up bonus. Please read more via the source below.

Source — Engadget Mobile

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