Samsung F700 exclusive to Vodafone so get yours here

Like the Apple iPhone is exclusive to O2 the Samsung F700 is exclusive to Vodafone so get yours here, Vodafone at the moment are letting you register now for your chance to get this smartphone and we can tell you right now that this mobile phone will be ready for sale very soon indeed.

We recommend you register your interest on the Samsung F700 because this mobile phone is very popular to say the least. We gave you the news on the F700 back in September (LINK) but just to refresh your memory we thought we good give you a little run down of why this smartphone from Samsung is the nuts.

samsung f700 vodafone 1

Vodafone have said that the Samsung F700 is the Smartphone to rival all Smartphones and there are a few reasons why, the first is the QWERTY keyboard and the second is the touch-sensitive screen which will open up new areas in the mobile phone world. Ok yes other mobile phones have these features but those other phones are not Samsung.

The style of the F700 looks sleek and sexy and the fact that the QWERTY keyboard slides out from underneath the screen makes this a damn nice phone. Vodafone know that the F700 is an obvious rival to the Apple iPhone and why not, let the battle commence. We all know that Samsung will out sell most mobile phones anyway.

samsung f700 vodafone

Main Features of the Samsung F700 —
-Exclusive to Vodafone
-Includes BOSE in-ear headphones
-1GB memory card
-Full touch 3.2″ screen
-3mp camera
-Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
-HTML Web Browser for mobile internet
-Music Player
-3.5GB storage
-Samsung VibeTonz Technology

Samsung F700 totally free with 500 Minutes any time, any network from Vodafone – RIGHT HERE


12 thoughts on “Samsung F700 exclusive to Vodafone so get yours here”

  1. Dan says:

    I got one of these last Friday and love it, The touch screen is sooooo responsive, the photo editing sofware has some amazing effects in, You can MMS and send stuff using bluetooth, You canne with the i Phone. The music station software is great, I’m paying £1.99 a week and can listen to as much music as I want. 5 out of 5. Dan

  2. Dan says:

    I’ve charged it twice in just over a week and still have 2 bars left. Got my set of Bose earphone yesterday. Wasn’t sure why they would cost £80 but the difference is clear the bass is amazing through them. Don’t think I would pay £80 but as a freebie they are brilliant.

  3. Matthew says:

    Fantastic phone! Love it already!


    Vodafone really don’t want to give me the bose headphones and are giving me a real run around. Has anyone else had a similar experience or is it just me? They sent me Samsung ones in the box and after (to date) 5 e-mails nothing has been resolved. Any ideas?

  4. It definitely and clearly states that the F700 should come with Bose headphones on their website.
    Just had a look through their terms and conditions and cannot find anything about the deal – I was wondering if it was a redemption deal but Vodafone do not usually do those.
    Keep going, will be interesting to see what they have to say.

  5. Muhmmad says:

    Fantastic phone. I have got a Apple iphone too but the Samsung F700 is way better. More features too. And you should get the Bose headphones the next day really. Try a different Vodaphone store… Rate this phone 10/10.
    Doe any one know where to download software for this phone. like games etc

  6. Dan says:

    Vodafone will update their web sites to recognise the Imei for the phone but until then I think a site called gameshack can be used. not tried it myself but a mate that has one has used it. can’t understand people that buy the i.phone, why buy a phone that can’t send picture messages ? beyond me !!!

  7. jp says:

    Hi I have just got the samsung f700 and i’m afraid to say having played with it for 1 day i am very disappointed. it has a rubbish GUI interface basic and boring to use; build quality feels so cheap compared with the iphone.

    The memory supplied with the phone is far to small for videos and music files.

    people!!! you are cheating yourself; if you have the money get the iphone as the interface, the software the build quality is far more superior to the f700.

    you’ll regret it if someone pulls out a iphone in front of you!!!

    muhmmad what features are you talking about???

    main advantage: the f700 comes with a good set of BOSE head phones.

    F700 is a fake IPHONE to be honest.

  8. Joe says:

    To be honest i think the F700 does have quite a few advantages over the iphone, 1 the qwerty keyboard, 2 a better camera, 3 is 3G, although the disadvantages are that its bulkier and well i cant think of anymore…

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