Twitter Put Limits On Outbound SMS In UK

Twitter have decided that they are to limit the amount of outbound SMS’s sent in the UK in a bid to cut costs. There is now a weekly limit of 250 messaged per week on the UK long code. They have said:

There is a weekly limit of 250 messages per week on the UK long code.
There is no limit on incoming updates to Twitter from your mobile phone, however, you’re limited to 250 SMS messages from Twitter to your mobile phone if you use our international number (+44 762 4801423). Those who send and receive messages over one of our national short codes (like 40404 in the US or 21212 in Canada) may send and receive unlimited updates per week.

So, basically you can send messages to Twitter til your hearts content but you’ll only be able to get 250 SMS text per week to your mobile. It’s obvious Twitter didn’t think things through, afterall people in the UK don’t have to pay for receiving text messages – making it hard for Twitter to turn a profit.


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