Blockbuster In Talks To Bring Movie Rentals To Phones: Will they Beat Apple To It?

A while ago we told you of Apple’s plans to bring an online movie rental scheme to their iPod Touch and iPhones. Well, it seems that movie-rentals on your mobile is set to be very popular with Blockbuster now jumping on the bandwagon.

Blockbuster is currently working with major handset manufactures to convince them to create a mobile-delivery system. James Keyes, CEO of Blockbuster is said to be in talks to make it easier for their consumers to watch movies on the move via their cell phone.

We don’t know which manufacturers Blockbuster are in discussions with, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be many of the big names as well as some wireless carriers.

As I said before, mobile movie rentals may be a great idea but for the same price you can rent a higher quality movie. I don’t really see the point!


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