Mobile Phone Market At 50%: Half The Worlds Population Owns A Cell Phone

These days, everywhere you turn there seems to be someone on a mobile phone. You can’t escape them – it seems we are the generation who have succumbed to the mobile. Many people regard their mobile phone as their ‘lifeline’ and technology ever-advancing, people are finding it more difficult to live without their phone.

So, just how popular is the mobile phone? A new report has shown that mobile phones have a 50% global market penetration rate. Without the mumbo jumbo that means every other person on Earth has a wireless device of some sort!

The study by Informa suggests that the number of worldwide wireless subscribers are around the 3.3 billion mark – that’s quite a lot of chatting! In some markets, the mobile phones boast more than 100% market penetration – this means many of us have more than one mobile phone.

So, is your best friend your mobile? Do you have more than one handset?