Verizon Gives Chocolate a Sexy New Colour “Blue Ice”

Well if you’re like me and think the LG Chocolate is full of sex appeal then get this, another colour has been added to the catalogue “Blue Ice” so if you’re a chocolate lover but aint to keen on the colours, this is it, it still features loads of fantastic features but just looks even better.

If you like what you hear then the phone is now on sale at Circuit City but direct sales are following very soon.

For more information on the sleek new Chocolate then just click here


One thought on “Verizon Gives Chocolate a Sexy New Colour “Blue Ice””

  1. Poop butt says:

    The phone is a piece of shit. Seriously. I’m on my third replacement and it hasn’t even been a year.

    As a side note; verizons policy with phones is that if you have the same problem with three phones and need to keep getting them replaced, you can upgrade, and all you have to pay is the difference between the phone.

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