New political phone game called The Mobile Ring: Punch presidential candidates

Are you bored and want to let of some steam? Well think about this new game out for mobile phones where you can punch the heck out of presidential candidates and politicians in the face.

Ok a little extreme but true, this new game for mobile phones is called “The Mobile Ring” which is a brand new title from Cellufun, fancy smacking the hell out of Bill Clinton or Giuliani, maybe you want to box Obama instead, if you do then this is the game for you.

This new game is fun to play and the good news is that Cellufun have made sure that this game can be expanded, the game allows players to vote new politicians into The Mobile Ring plus of course public figures as well.

So do you fancy your chances with this cool game? If the answer is yes then get your game now from wap.cellufun.com (Just point your mobile browser there baby).

— Pocket Gamer

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