Nokia N95 has a new colour: Do you want to see red?

Oh yes we can get bored of black and silver and all other bland colours when it comes to the Nokia N95 so why not have a little extra in life and throw in a another colour to get the juices flowing, red juices to be precise.

Nokia N95 Red pic 1

We think, no lets re-phrase that, we know that this all new colour will excite you and this new colour which is red looks bloody hot, in fact on fire. We love it because it actually makes the phone stand out more than ever.

Nokia N95 Red pic 2

The question has to be “Will Nokia promote and sell this Nokia N95 Red and a Red Label Product?


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6 thoughts on “Nokia N95 has a new colour: Do you want to see red?”

  1. This has got me confused, is there going to be a red 8gb version? We all know that the 8gb is far better with the larger screen and bigger battery life, (and the obvious memory) so why make a red version of the older model?

  2. Myuran says:

    I have the n95 sport. it is so much better than the normal plum since it has sports free 12 month voice nav and the menu is updated. it is also so much more reliable than the n95 normal, since i have both and had not had one crash since i got it. and the phone does not use as much battery as the original n95. overall it is worth paying more for the red

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