Mandarina Duck Phone in red, green and violet: Contract or pay as you go deals

Amazing red hot deals for Christmas on contract or pay as you go, featuring the Mandarina Duck Phone. You can choose different colours when it comes to the Mandarina Duck Phone and those colours are red, green or violet (PAYG is red only).

Before we get into some detail shall we talk money, the Mandarina Duck Phone on contract means you will get the handset for free and if you go the pay as you go option the handset is a small £69.95 with £10 airtime (So basically £59.95). All deals shown below just click the link baby and get a duck.

The Mandarina Duck really stands out in the crowd showings its colours in glory; they come with an MP3 player, built in camera, Bluetooth and so much more.

Main features –
– Bluetooth
– Dualband
– Faster data with GPRS
– Music player
– Camera phone
– Colour screen
– Polyphonic ringtones
– Vibrating alert
– Speakerphone
– Picture messaging

Ok so now the deals –

Mandarina Duck Phone red (Contract) — View all deals here

Mandarina Duck Phone green (Contract) – View all deals here

Mandarina Duck Phone violet (Contract) – View all deals here

Mandarina Duck Phone red (Pay As You Go)

Mandarina Duck red Mandarina Duck green Mandarina Duck violet


3 thoughts on “Mandarina Duck Phone in red, green and violet: Contract or pay as you go deals”

  1. Betty says:

    I bought this phone becasue I thought that it looked really cool (I know!!). As I began to explore the functions, I discovered that it was a really good phone. The camera isn’t amasing but is satisfatory and has many functions. The sound quailty is good and comes with many melodies. I have dropped the phone many a time and all it has to show for it is a couple or minor marks, and it has never broken, shut itself down or anything.
    If you are looking for a good quailty, well working, cool looking phone, then this is the phone for you!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Yeah, great comments, but im sitting here in Colarado, and the phone doesn’t have triband – so now how can i recieve any of my happy christmas messages?!

    p.s. don’t buy one, no matter what betty says! (she’s wrong)

    pps. the snow here is awesome!!

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