Sagem my220x mobile phone that is cheap: Who says luxurious has to be expensive

Luxurious mobile phones are expensive and we know this, but not anymore, hell no. Sagem have pulled something out of the bag the good little darlings they are. Many phones that are in the luxury department are very expensive and we mean expensive where the bank manager says “Sorry you cannot afford this, would you like a loan”.

Well think about the Sagem my220x because this is an in-expensive phone that looks the business, affordable is what this handset is all about.

We have talked about this mobile phone before but we needed to remind you because this could be a perfect cheap gift for someone that actually looks expensive (They will be none the wiser my friends).

The Sagem my220x has a subtle gold trim and gold disc menu button which only weighs 65g and only 10mm thick/thin, it features a 65k colour LCD screen, hands-free capability with speaker phone, vibration alert, dual-band, T9, SMS plus 180 minutes talktime and 240 hours standby time.

If you like it and want it then get it from Argos priced at only (Are you sitting down) £14.99 BUY NOW

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