Try mobile phones before buying with TryPhone: Good and bad points!

A brand new service called “TryPhone” will allow you to try mobile phones before buying one which is all good to some extent, but in reality there are some good and bad points here.

So you are out shopping for a new mobile phone but yes of course you have to by the phone then test it, well this all new TryPhone service will let you test drive the mobile before actually buying one.

You can also check out the official specifications plus other people’s reviews about each device. Ok so that is the good and now is the bad, the bad is that with TryPhone they only allow you to try out four phones which are the LG Muziq (Spring), Samsung Juke (carried by Verizon), Apple iPhone (AT&T) and BlackBerry Pearl (T-Mobile and others) which are all very good phones, but not enough.

Of course they will add more phones on the list in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Try mobile phones before buying with TryPhone: Good and bad points!”

  1. Ovi says:

    Tryphone is okay, but check out GSMLive.ro phone simulators here: You can see far more of the actual phone (there are also Nokias, SonyEricssons, LGs etc), you can scroll it like the real iPhone, you can search its content!

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