Mobiado Luminoso Bissol USB Memory Stick Battery Cover: Luxury ludicrous

Is this part of the luxury ludicrous mobile phone accessory corner? Meet the new Mobiado Luminoso Bissol USB memory stick battery cover, this is a USB memory stick which is surrounded in solid brass and which is machined using the best precision machinery and old techniques in manufacturing Swiss mechanical watches.

You can get these, what we have to call stunning Bissol USB memory sticks in two type which are, one being brass gold coloured and the other being electroless nickel plated brass which is silver coloured of course.

These little USB memory sticks provide 4GB storage capacity and measures 28.9mm x 12.4mm x 2.2mm, which in fact makes this the smallest in the world.

Mobiado Luminoso Bissol USB Memory Stick Battery Cover


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