Toughphone mobile phones launched by JCB

Fancy a near-indestructible mobile phone? Well the chaps at JCB Arena are seriously putting the JCB Toughphone through some rigorous paces in order to set the world record for the planet’s most indestructible mobile phone.


JCB Arena will test the Toughphone to its limits using these JCB construction items; dropping from atop a digger over a story high, covered in sand and dirt while in a cement mixer, submersing in water, and being run over by a JCB Groundhog that weighs over 1.5 tonnes; all this should prove without a shadow of doubt that the IP53 tri-band mobile will stand the rigours of being on a construction site.


Designed with construction workers in mind, the JCB Toughphone features Push-to-talk, dual speakers, extra loud ringtones, and Bluetooth, and will be have a European launch as the Sonim XP1 and will come with a 3 year warranty; you can expect this to be available from Phoens4U and elsewhere from January 8th.


Source — JCB Phone

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14 thoughts on “Toughphone mobile phones launched by JCB”

  1. terry says:


    Phone looks the bizz but I do a lot of work in Korea and Japan and 3G is a must, will this become available with this phone in the near future.

    What is the cost to buy with contract.


  2. Matt says:

    Brought one of these recently, great phone, ended up getting it free along with an Xbox 360 Elite in an amazing deal. It’s obviously lacking in features (most of which I find gimmicky on phones anyway) – i.e if I wanted to take a photo i’d use a quality camera, not a phone. The build quality is great and it’s withstood everything i’ve thrown at it so far. It’s great for doing what a phone should (making and recieving calls!) and it won’t fall apart because you knock it off a ledge at work. 9/10

  3. dont buy a jcb phone had one for 12 months, terrible phone realy clumsy to use ,allways has a echo tmobile, terrible phone well behind the times ,not as tough as exspected. people think it is a kids toy.key pad is terrible to use. ring tone are old fashioned.

  4. Tom vet says:

    A truly terrible phone.
    I work in a very rough environment and it certainly coped with that but always had an echo and worst of all turned itself off repeatedly. As a vet on call this makes it dangerous. My experience was not alone, every one we bought for the practice did the same thing.
    None of the features are refined. What you need is a decent phone in a JCB case!

  5. jim says:

    Works ok as a phone but turns often when bluetooth connected and disconected. I use a nokia in-car kit and turning the ignition on and off and on again will turn the phone off.

    Case is great but the phone is an embarrassment to the jcb name. Its a good 10 years out of date.
    1) Text messages red lettering on black – virtually impossible to read in difficult lighting
    2) Scrolling highlights Grey on Black – nearly impossible to see nearly all the time outside, and when viewing phone at any angle other than front on in any situation
    3) Text message window is 14mm high out of the screens potential 40mm. that means only ONE THIRD of the screen is actually used for the message
    4) Finishing a text sentence with a full stop and start the next sentence with a capital involve ELEVEN! key presses! to switch from lower case predictive, to upper, then back to lower predictive.
    5) unable to teach the phone new words. Doesn’t even have ‘jcb’ in its memory!
    6) No time is recorded on sent messages
    7) Dreadful screensavers whos’ designs conflict with screen information, such as the time
    8) Tiny screen symbols. The small signal strength bar is ONE mm high, in blue, on a black background – try seeing that outside in bright sunlight!
    9) No key autolock.

    I could go on but you get the idea. This is no better than my last phone that cost £20. That means I have just spent £95 on a yellow, yet admittedly impressive case. If I had of had the chance to try this phone before I bought it I definitely would have left it behind on the shelf!

  7. opaw says:

    i have a problem with my jcb phone,with the key pad locked the light comes on in my pocket thus flattening my battery,i have returned it to the shop they cannot help,is there any way round this.

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