Vyke Communications wins Product of the Year award for Vyke Pro messaging service

Vyke Communications plc became winners of the Technology Marketing Corporations Internet Telephony Product of the Year award 2007 on 28th January this year. The award was given for Vyke’s Vyke Pro free mobile community messaging service, which when it landed back in June 07 that allows mobile users to send free or low cost text messages and international calls.

The Mobile VoIP providers Vyke Pro is downloadable to mobile phones and is compatible with all recent Java enabled handsets, and reduces text charges via its smart message routing tech, resulting in Vyke Pro users sending free text messages to other Vyke Pro users, conversely if sending to a non-Vyke Pro user it can cost as little as only 1p per message.

A key factor with Vyke technology is that it recognises the appeal of its always-on-time delivery of messages, and thus incorporated its “wake up” tech which allows Vyke to remotely start the users Vyke Pro software. This allows Vyke to continually provide always-on-time delivery while significantly reducing the cost to the user.

Vyke developed their Vyke Pro to challenge the price of text messaging, because if you actually break down the cost of sending a message id becomes very clear just how expensive it is to users. Take the UK where it is thought that texting is quite cheap when everything is broken down every character sent equates to 1 byte of data which equates to customers in the UK forking out roughly £750 per MB.

Vice president of Vyke Product Management, Jan Fredrik Raknes said: “Vyke is delighted to receive this highly aclaimed award. It is a testament to the tremendous effort the product management and development team have put into Vyke Pro’s market leading technology.  The ultimate test of any product is its ability to impact end users, and I am very happy that Vyke Pro is now a recognized success both within the market as well as within industry review.”

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One thought on “Vyke Communications wins Product of the Year award for Vyke Pro messaging service”

  1. martin says:

    their charges are not what they seem.

    They say between what they call the VYKE ZONE its 4 cents a minute, don’t believe it!

    45 secs cost me 20p – even at the standard rate of 2p a minute I can’t add that one up, and all my calls are like that.

    I loaded £10 and they have a policy of no refund! They won’t get anymore from me.

    Wrote to them about it and 10 days later still no reply.

    Bargepole and touch spring to mind

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