Figures show that 5 of top 10 selling books in Japan started on Mobile

Figures also show that books sold on Mobile have brought in $82million yearly. As a writer I am seeing this Mobile technology being the book of the future and real paper versions becoming obsolete given time. I mean, if you look at it logically, carrying your latest literary work on your mobile device is easier than say carrying a hardback or paperback, another point is the cost, these electronic books cost less so can be downloaded at a really low cost to the reader. So maybe the traditional book is on its way out if the sales of mobile books continue to go as good as they do in Japan.

Mobile Books

However, apparently the whole language system of these Mobile books is based on the “text speak” and emoticons; what’s more is that it appears the books are created by the author, “I use the word created loosely” on Mobile sort of on-the-go when the author can spare an odd moment, much like blogging I guess. So maybe this is the way to go for future aspiring authors, write your book and upload it to Mobile, I just hope they learn the basics of writing and editing first.

Have a view about Mobile books? You think it might catch or? Or is it just another soon to be forgotten fad? I’d be interested to hear them, so send us a comment.

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  1. I think as phone screens get larger and clearer, that people will want to use them for reading. However, I don’t think they’ll be books in the traditional sense – you might though see hypertext novels, or books illustrated with movie clips and sound (just as paper books are illustrated with pictures). Digital offers all kinds of opportunities to combine traditionally separate media together. What’s missing though is an iTunes for reading material, or an easy way for people to “rip” their books to digital like they can with CDs, which might be the biggest obstacle to take-up.

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