Decide what image – ringtone your friends see with Monniker

Changing the face of ringtones and images viewed on your mobile phone, Monniker actually allows a user to decide what ringtone and picture the receiver of the call hears and views when you call them.

Yep that’s right; with the new Monniker service you choose how to identify yourself on your friend’s mobile, this way Monniker puts the power of Caller ID in the hands of the user and not the receiver.

A user can customise a ringtone, keep it straight audio or mix it a little with an image or two and some text. This works as long as the user and receiver are both Monnkier users, and you can gain control of how you annoy or amuse your friends when you call, what’s more Monniker ringtones are all server side so no need to download ringtones.

Monniker is still in beta but is open to Windows Mobile and Symbian OS 8/9. Seems like a fun way to make sure your friends don’t shove gross pictures of you on their mobile for when you ring them, and fun for all.

Source – monikker

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