Spyker showcase MonteCarlo and LaTurby handset at CeBIT 08

After Dutch automaker Spyker’s lackluster handset showings last year, Spyker is now bring to the fore two new mobile phones. Showcasing them at CeBIT, Spyker, renowned for their classy and superior supercars offer an initial portfolio which was to say the least somewhat disappointing; however their latest line-up looks like an improvement.

First up from Spyker is the new Laturby, a basically Haier Sterling re-branded handset with Bluetooth, 1GB internal storage and a 2 megapixel camera with a shiny metallic casing which looks quite stunning.

MonteCarlo and LaTurby

Next Spyker offer us the new MonteCarlo slider handset, almost identical to La Turby specwise, and still with the shiny casing that may or may not attract. As yet no availability or price structure is known, but should you really wish to gain a La Truby or MonteCarlo then maybe pay a visit to Haier Sterling.

MonteCarlo and LaTurby

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