Apple iPhone 2.0 child friendly as well as business-friendly

The Apple iPhone is all the talk at the moment with all the recent SDK news, so guess what? We are going to give you more information.

There have been many Apple announcements regarding the iPhone and the latest news is that the mobile phone will soon get parental controls.

Apple “Town Hall” meeting in the States where a press event was being held the company revealed the forthcoming software, “iPhone 2.0”, and its wide-encompassing features which we all know about now, but in a bid to make the Apple iPhone more appealing to all markets in the business world Apple have announced the enterprise-friendly solutions for the phone.

The enterprise-friendly solutions for the iPhone include full push email but of course are aiming at the opposite end of the market and in that we mean children, this will be a child friendly device.

Source – Engadget

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