Developers can get hands on Apple iPhone SDK: 2.0 Software Beta

At the moment the Apple iPhone 2.0 Software (SDK) is in the Beta stages with the full release coming in June, but hey all you devs (developers) can get your hands on the much-anticipated iPhone / iPod touch SDK now.

If you want to test the apps on the iPhone beta 2.0 software you will have to be selected by Apple, developers will have access to the same “Cocoa Touch” framework and all other APIs used by Apple for iPhone software development, there will be features such as hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, full access to all the media capabilities of the iPhone and location-enabled apps.

Also up for grabs is the 3-axis accelerometer, developers of course can use Xcode (Mac only) for their project which is a coding environment bundled with every copy of OS X, there is another cool feature called iPhone Simulator which is basically a full-on iPhone emulator for testing out apps without breaking your device. Read the full press release below.

Source — Apple Press Release

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