Mobile TV who will show the Olympics

Senior production manager of T-Mobile’s mobile TV division, Phil Lehmann has stated the Olympic Games in 2012 will “do for mobile TV what the Coronation did for early television.”

In the meantime, MNO’s are debating and deciding which mobile TV technology they should back, part of said tech decision could be finalized next month with the auction of the L-Band spectrum which is a possible barer for a Mobile TV service. T-Mobile and Orange have placed their combined weight behind TDtv, they are even starting a pilot with 24 channels this summer. Both MNOs have teamed to spread the load of the cost and are potentially looking for other MNO investors.

After next month there are to be two more spectrum auctions, one of which is dependent on the switch-off of Terrestrial Analogue TV.It is presumed the provider will offer DVB-H service in a free spectrum however, that may not be the case as MediaFLO who is backed by Qualcomm, or DAB-IP could possibly get a look in.

At the moment Mobile TV is provided using point-to-point 3G unicast streaming which offers video on demand, but isn’t using the network resources efficiently. TDtv runs over 3GIP should alleviate the issue as it uses 3GPP Release 6 Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service. TDtv, developed by NextWave Wireless uses TDD, a small piece of the spectrum handed to 4/5 operators back in 2000. However the is a downside to this tech as it doesn’t propagate good enough in lower bandwidths.

Another issue is just how will MNOs monetize the service? More than likely the answer will be advertising, the reason being multiple studies have shown cost reduction in return for viewing ads increases user uptake. Not very revolutionary when it’s been round for quite some time with Terrestrial and Satellite TV, but just may be the motive to drive wider market options, along with the Olympics of course, and it’s been proven major sporting events draw mass interest. Whatever the solution or solutions that are eventually deployed we should receive some good quality programs on our mobile handsets.

Source — timesonline

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