Photos of the beautiful looking Samsung Glyde for Verizon

We have all seem a sneak glimpse of the Samsung Glyde, however as yet we cannot give any judgment on the phone until we get a chance to review it. One thing is certain; the Samsung Glyde for Verizon is a beautiful looking handset.

Here we have a range of photos that help show of the beauty of this cell phone, but what would you expect as these are the actual press photos that Samsung have used for promotion purposes.

Photos of the beautiful looking Samsung Glyde for Verizon





Take a look at let us know what you think.

Source – Engadget


17 thoughts on “Photos of the beautiful looking Samsung Glyde for Verizon”

  1. sydney. says:

    I love EVERYTHING EXCEPT the buttons on the keyboard. They look cheap from the pictures, and don’t match the phone at all. they’re pretty ugly But out of all the sliding-type phones, (full keyboard) I would deff. get tthis one..

  2. Jesse says:

    This phone is the absolute worst phone I have ever had in my life.
    Take my advice, if you want to get a touch screen, try anything but this phone. I had it for about a year, and I have had to replace it 3 times. And I’m going this afternoon to replace it again.

  3. Anna says:

    Don’t listen to Jesse! I have this phone and other people at my school do too! It’s a great phone! And i know the pics of the keys in the pic look cheap but they’re not… they r really good!:) Hope i helped!

  4. doma says:

    even thogh it looks nice ,but the battray runs out very fast ,as it charses also very fast.the touch screan looks great ,but it’s very hard to use your finger with it,you need a a tool with the size of tooth pick to get your work done without touching all the icon surounding the one you want ,or dialing misdialing numbers !!!I wish I could change it for something else!

  5. AK says:

    I think this phone is ok. I have had the same one for two years but am getting tired of it freezing and going to the sent when i am trying to go to my inbox

  6. Morgan says:

    i am getting this phone Thrusday. I hope I like it. I had a Blackberry but im not wanting the 29.99 internet plan. And this phone looked good! I wanted a touch screen and the full keyboard thing. So this one looked perfect.

  7. Sarah says:

    my dad said he would get me a cell phone for a grade six graduation present, but i have to find the right cell phone and plan for me…. all my friends have cell phones and most of them have THIS EXACT CELL PHONE and they say its great… what phone would you recommend for me? -email: we321we@rogers.com

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