T-Mobile gaining SGH-T229 SGH-T339 from Samsung

T-Mobile USA are launcing two new entry lever handsets by Samsung, the SGH-T229 and SGH-T339, both handsets are clamshell in design with a decent look beings they are low end.

Not much news on their specs as yet but we are guessing they will have the standard stuff such as MP3 player, and maybe the better option will have Bluetooth support along with a microSD expansion slot. However, if anything comes to light we will of course keep you updated.

SGH-T229 SGH-T339

Source — phonearena


One thought on “T-Mobile gaining SGH-T229 SGH-T339 from Samsung”

  1. This phone has no nice features.

    The red gives it a slimming effect, but it really isnt.

    The camera is pathetic.

    Graphics on it are great (if this were the 80’s).

    But I guess you can call people on it fine, so it’s just a phone.

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