Nokia N95 touch enabled with Knight Rider Series

I can almost hear the dubious whispers now, “It isn’t real!” and to be honest those covert whispers are probably right. Anyway, the screenshot below is apparently taken from the new Knight Rider series. Which seems to show a type of touch user interface on the Nokia N95, so is Nokia trying to tell us something? I’m not sure but we’re sure to see leaked S60 touch powered handsets over the internet, and well Nokia mounting a touch-screen on the N95 would make sense wouldn’t it?

Cue music and flashy talking car.

Knight Rider Series

Source — engadgetmobile


2 thoughts on “Nokia N95 touch enabled with Knight Rider Series”

  1. That keypad screen almost looks like an Apple iPhone’s onscreen keypad. The signal gauge on the top right seems to be in reverse, compared to most mobile phones.

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