Apple iPhone users talk less but use more

iSuppli Corp., an American research company has been delving into just how iPhone owners actually use their time with Apple’s baby. The results show American users spend their time using all the features such as data communications and multimedia entertainment, voice ect rather than just using the traditional voice call.

According to statistic, owners of all types of mobile handsets use it for voice calls 71.7% of the time according to iSuppli’s ConsumerTrak survey; however iPhone users only spend 46.5% of mobile time on voice calls. Accessing the net via the iPhone accounts for 12.1% which is a contract with all other mobiles averaging out at 2.4%.

Not very surprising is the 11.9% of usage for listening to music and audio on the iPhone as compared to only 2.5% on other handsets. Email comes in at 10.4% on the iPhone while only 2.8% for all others. Chief development officer for iSuppli, Greg Sheppard states: “This usage pattern shows Apple has succeeded in producing a true convergence product that consumers like to use for multiple purposes”

Source — pocket-lint

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