Sony Ericsson W910i ltd edition Def Jam with one month’s FREE insurance

The Sony Ericsson W910i has a Limited Edition version of their handset; this model is a Def Jam edition and has been finished in white. Like the standard W910i the phone does not have a conventional keypad, the handset uses a shake control.

If you love your music then you will love this Sony Ericsson W910i Def Jam as it comes pr-loaded with a few tracks from artist like Janet Jackson, Mariah, Ne-Yo, Rick Ross and Rihanna.

Sony Ericsson W910i ltd edition Def Jam with one month’s FREE insurance

O2 are offering this mobile phone for free if you go on their O2 30 18 month contract at a cost of £30 per months. For that you will get 400 minutes and 500 texts. O2 are also offering one months free insurance.

For full details on this offer just Visit: The Carphone Warehouse


21 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W910i ltd edition Def Jam with one month’s FREE insurance”

  1. im getting that phone on saturday!!!! except that im getting it in grey and pink!!! it is exclusive to orange and i can’t wait to get it!!!! you can get it at phones4u for £78.25 on orange!! you would normally have to get it for £107.50. that’s pretty expensive!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Ally

  2. Haní says:

    I got this phone from Carphone warehouse, on PAYG. I paid around £119 in September 2008. It’s a nice looking phone. The features and themes are nice, but it keeps crashing, and resetting itself.

    Also, when I’m texting (on predictive) it guesses the word you’re writing, but sometimes it ends up scambled as a bunch of foreign characters. And also regarding the texting, if you’re writing a long text (around 9 or 10) it decides to crash and switch off, thus losing the message you’d just spent so long writing out.

    The camera is of a decent quality, but there’s no flash.

    And finally, I have no idea how this actually happened but my phone was brand new, box fresh but still managed to have a whole set of contacts of people from my local area saved in it. Pretty weird, huh? I went to Carphone Warehouse to ask them about it, and the lad there told me that actually, sometimes they sort of “use the phones a bit” and bring them back and sell them. So be careful, because legitimatly, you’re paying full price for second hand goods.

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