What is the worst mobile cell phone in the world? We lend our shoulder

This mobile phone is rubbish, this phone keeps breaking down on me, I have had this phone a week and have now returned it, my phone will not even switch off, now these are just a few things our readers have said about their mobile phones.

Yes many of you love your mobile/cell phones so much you cannot live without them and that they are the best things you have ever bought, but we are aiming this one at those who hate their handsets and we want to lend our shoulder for you to cry on. Let me give you my example I bought the Sony Ericsson T20S and must say hated the phone and so much so I used it as a ball when playing baseball, and no I did not buy it, someone gave it to me as a thank you for helping them out.

The main reason I hated it was because of the looks, now in today’s age we have superior smartphones, pda phones, camera phones, music phones with much more technology within and hi-tech stuff means hi-tech problems. We want to know all about your troubles where either we or our readers may be able to help you, let us know what the problem is or why you hate the phone.

Please remember when replying to “What is the worst mobile cell phone in the world? In the comments area below to put the make and model of the phone you are talking about please, and try to give us as much details as possible. Thank you.


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