How much better is US Version Nokia N95-3 firmware update 20.02.011? Now available

Good news for all Nokia users, the firmware update for the US version Nokia N95-3 which apparently is long awaited is now available.

The firmware update 20.02.011 for the Nokia N95-3 is now available according to N95Users and Symbian-Guru, all you need to do is start your Nokia Software Updater in your Nokia PCSuite and detect the new update. So what will this new update bring to the US Version of the Nokia N95? Well it will bring you up to speed with a few things such as, significant performance improvements, Web Run Time, Idle Screen Nokia Search, adds demand paging and Flash Lite 3.

Flash Lite 3 will allow the viewing of Flash Video, you know like YouTube for example. Web Run Time (WRT) will allow you to install and then use WRT widgets, Demand Paging will now offer better improvements for application speed, start-up time and memory usage, other things this update will be all the better for is performance update which will include faster image capture by its camera.

The Nokia N95-3 firmware update 20.02.011 can now be downloaded and installed via the Nokia Software Updater which is all part of the recent version of PC Suite, visit here.

Please do let us know how you got on with this update and how much of a difference it has made for you?

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