Apple iPhone to gain Palm Apps announce StyleTap: Video

Today an announcement comes from StyleTap of plans to bring a version of StyleTap CrossPlatform to the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch. This application will instantly allow in excess of 20,000 mobile applications to run on these worldwide popular mobile phones.

It appears there is very little information available but there should be more information about this product which will include just how it is to be marketed and sold, should be available sometime early June 08.

StyleTap further announced that their personnel with be attending the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on the 9th to the 13th of June in San Francisco California, and shall be on hand to meet and greet with mobile application developers who may be interested in learning about the StyleTap CrossPlatform for Apple devices.

Back in February StyleTap posted a video to Vidder and YouTube to determine the level of potential interest, the video shows the experimental prototype of the StyleTap CrossPlatform running existing mobile apps on an Apple iPod, and the response was instantly overwhelming with the video gaining 800,000 hits, and receiving interest from end users and developers alike.

StyleTap Inc CEO Gregory Sokoloff said: “The iPhone is one of the hottest new mobile devices out there, and the response to our video has convinced us that many, many consumers, and companies, will eagerly jump at the change to buy iPhone devices if they can continue to run their must-have applications.”

Oh and for those that may not have seen the video…look below.

Source — Slashphone

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