Is the HTC Touch Diamond as tough as diamond? Video

So it is called the HTC Touch Diamond, so just how well does it live up to its name? Is the HTC Touch Diamond as tough as Diamond? Is that scratch resistant display really scratch resistant? Well a few bloggers wanted to find out if the HTC Touch Diamond is as tough as old nails.

At a press event in Singapore several bloggers approached a HTC representative and asked those questions, they demanded the HTC rep prove if the Touch Diamond is actually named correctly… and below is a video of what happened.

HTC Touch Diamond

As I watched the HTC representative gingerly knock the Touch Diamond on its edge on a table and a door handle I thought, oh come on give it some wellie, hit the damn thing because the way he was doing it wasn’t touching the display and it surely wasn’t that hard.

And it seemed the bloggers weren’t that impressed either so decided to give it a go themselves. Watch that Touch Diamond fly as she throws it up in the air, not once but twice, and obviously hard enough to pop the cover off and send the battery out.

And when the rep puts it back together, the HTC Touch Diamond seems unscathed, so I would say, yes the HTC Touch Diamond does live up to its name and is as hard as diamond. Don’t go throwing yours about though.

HTC Touch Diamond bashing video below, enjoy.

Source — slashphone


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