Big Brother 9 sponsorship ident videos: Virgin Mobile ads during BB9

We all know that Big Brother 9 is coming to our screens on channel 4 and now we know that it is Virgin Mobile that will be showing adverts during the breaks of BB9.

Virgin Mobile have now unveiled their new Big Brother 9 sponsorship indents, you can see these video adverts below, nothing to exciting but thought you should see them anyway. There have been more than 80 sponsorship idents have been created by WPP ad agency RKCR, and will run throughout the 13-week series of Big Brother 9 and even though primarily featuring Virgin Mobile there will also be features of Virgin Media services and even the official handset partnering with Samsung, the video indents basically show ordinary people using Virgin’s services for unexpected things.

One of the adverts shown below shows a big man in a pie and mash shop (True Londoner) with the voiceover ‘Antony’s Liberty SIM lets him keep the same mobile and number from the days when he was known as Cheryl.’ We all know Big Brother is big news and people just love the show, they also phone in who they do not want to stay, so what better way for Virgin to push out adverts promoting their stuff.

They should have used Apple seeing as the new Apple 3G iPhone is coming soon, maybe one day Apple will cotton on to big reality shows like Big Brother.


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