Official Apple 3G iPhone Release Date: Steve Jobs says July 11th

The official date for the Apple 3G iPhone will be July 11th 2008 for 22 biggest markers and the UK is included in that list, at the moment there is no word on the prices for the UK iPhone 3G but we will keep you posted.

So with the confirmed date of July 11th and with the US price of $299 for the 16GB and $199 for the 8GB iPhone 3G we can see happy days looming closer. I will definitely be trading my iPhone I have now for this new one. We have been checking O2 and The Carphone Warehouse sites for confirmation on prices for the UK and have found that they have not updated yet, but we will let you know. It is however apparently going to be free for trade in with O2 customers if you are already on a contract, we will confirm this as soon as we know.

Just a little recap, this new iPhone will come in either black or white, we are going to give you the official pictures and official specs as soon as we can, you would have guessed we have been busy little bees today so please bare with us. The new design is also a lot sleeker with thinner edges, plus with a flush earphone plug and a full plastic black back. You know you will be upgrading, if you do not then please let us counsel you. LOL


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  1. David Kingscott says:

    My current iphone 3G and previous iphone have both shut themselves down and no longer operate. I am contacting apple and 02 tomorrow, you may think i have done something wrong, but i have not, i am on contract and since they released the apple 2.0 software with applications store, they have both crashed and no longer turn on at all. I cannot be the only one and this will hit Apple big!

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