Apple 3G iPhone Official Hallway Advert Video: James Bond Style

Apple have just released the stunning James Bond style official advert video which you can watch below, the ad is called “Hallway”, which basically shows you two men walking with a secret silver case that contains the awesome Apple 3G iPhone.

The video is quite good really, ok it could have been a little bit longer but oh well these things happen, nether the less it is still impressive, love the way the vault case opens up and then revealing the new iPhone. Looks good I would have to say. “It’s finally here. The first phone to beat the iPhone. It surfs the web and downloads data twice as fast. For half the price. Introducing: the new iPhone 3G,” the ad states. Obviously there are going to be many more videos to follow pretty soon and when they do we will have them just for you.

Please now go and watch the Apple 3G iPhone Official Hallway Advert Video, James Bond style below and then let us know what you think in the comments area provided below. Thanks


One thought on “Apple 3G iPhone Official Hallway Advert Video: James Bond Style”

  1. David says:

    The best parts of the ad are when they stick the two keys in and also the way the camera rotates as the iphone comes out of the box. it’s art.

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