Apple iPhone 3G Vs Samsung i900 Omnia Vs HTC Touch Diamond: Your Choice Is?

I know this is a debate, and we know they are 3 different brands, but we want to know do you go for brand or features and this is why we have the debate called “Apple iPhone 3G Vs Samsung i900 Omnia Vs HTC Touch Diamond: Your Choice Is?

All we are going to do is give you the 3 mobile phones specifications and you can comment from there, be interesting to see which one comes out on top. Personally we prefer the Apple iPhone 3G because we use them at the moment and no what to expect from them, we do prefer the look of the HTC Touch Diamond and the Samsung i900 Omnia looks like a great competitor to both of the other handsets, let the specs talk for themselves, please do comment in the area provided below, go on scroll down and have your say.

Apple iPhone 3G Specifications:
2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 — 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm – 133 grams in weight, 3.5 Inch Touchscreen (16M colors, 320 x 480 pixels) – Multi-touch input method – Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate – Proximity sensor for auto turn-off – Ambient light sensor – MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones – Vibration — Flush 3.5 mm headset jack — Near Enough unlimited entries and fields, Photocall – 100 received, dialed and missed calls (Call records) — 8 & 16GB built in memory — No card slot – GPRS – EDGE – 3G HSDPA – WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g – Bluetooth v2.0 – USB v2.0 – Mac OS X v10.4.10 – SMS, Email – HTML (Safari) Browser – Black(8/16 GB), White (16 GB) – 2 MP Camera, 1600×1200 pixels – A-GPS function – Built-in GPS receiver – Widgets support – Google Maps – PIM including calendar, to-do list – iPod audio/video player – TV output – Photo browser/editor – Voice memo – Integrated handsfree – Standard battery, Li-Ion – Up to 300 Hours Stand-by – Up to 10 Hours Talk time.

Apple iPhone 3G Image:


Samsung i900 Omnia Specifications:
2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 – 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm – 127 grams in weight – 3.2 Inch TFT touchscreen (65K colors, 240 x 400 pixels) – Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate – Handwriting recognition – MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones – Vibration — Near enough unlimited entries and fields, Photocall (Phonebook) – Call records Near enough unlimited – 8 GB/16 GB internal memory plus microSD (TransFlash) Card slot up to 16GB – 128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM – 624MHz Marvell PXA312 processor – GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps – EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps – 3G HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps – WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g – Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP – USB v2.0 – Microsoft Window Mobile 6.1 Professional OS – WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds – SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging – Games + Java downloadable – 5 MP Camera (2592Ñ…1944 pixels, autofocus, image stabiliser, video, flash; secondary videocall camera) – Built-in GPS receiver – MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA/OGG/AMR player – Java MIDP 2.0 – FM Radio with RDS – DivX/XviD/WMV/MP4 player — MS Office document viewer – Voice memo – TV Out – Built-in handsfree – Standard battery, Li-Ion 1440 mAh

Samsung i900 Omnia Image:


HTC Touch Diamond Specifications:
2G Network GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 for Europe/Asia (GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900 for Americas) – 3G Network HSDPA 2100 / 900 for Europe/Asia (HSDPA 850 / 1900 for Americas) – 102 x 51 x 11.5 mm – 110 grams in weight – 2.8 Inch TFT touchscreen (65K colors, 480 x 640 pixels) – Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate – TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation – Touch-sensitive navigation controls – Handwriting recognition – Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3, WAV, WMA Ringtones – Vibration – Phonebook near enough unlimited entries and fields, Photocall – Call records near enough unlimited – 4 GB built in memory – NO card slot – 192 MB DDR SDRAM, 256 MB ROM – Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 Mhz processor – GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps – EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps – 3G HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps – WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g – Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP — miniUSB – Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS – SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging – WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML Browser – Games — 3.2 MP Camera (2048×1536 pixels, autofocus, video; secondary VGA videocall camera) – Built-in GPS with A-GPS – Stereo FM radio with RDS – Java MIDP 2.0 – Voice memo – Pocket Office(Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF viewer) – MP3 player – Built-in handsfree – Standard battery, Li-Ion 900 mAh – Up to 285 hours standby – Up to 5 hours 30 minutes talk time.

HTC Touch Diamond Image:


So with all the main specs for each of the handsets, what do you think is the best, and what one are you planning on getting? Scroll down you our comments area below and get your answers coming in.


315 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3G Vs Samsung i900 Omnia Vs HTC Touch Diamond: Your Choice Is?”

  1. Brian says:

    Looks like the Samsung for me. My goal is to replace 4 boxes with one; PDA, ‘REAL’ GPS, reasonable camera (I’ll still have my real one, but it may be at home) and Cell Phone. I like the HTC, but 3 MP Camera and no flash or stabilization, along with no card slot, put it in second place. The absence of a REAL PDA on the iPhone wipes it out, as does the 2 MP camera and ‘data’ based GPS (no use at all in the bush and out of Cell range and data in Canada is ridiculously expensive not to mention roaming charges when out of the country – useless). Also, if I start using MP3s, I imagine the iPhone will be tied into iTunes – no thank you. The iPhone does not even get ranked as anything but last.

    Price, however, may make me wait a while before getting in.

    Short wish list now. Just some optical zoom on the camera, but at least I can crop 5MP a bit.

  2. Marc says:

    The Samsung I900 is the obvious winner here. There is no comparison; however, I don’t see the battery life information for the Samsung.

    And why compare with the HTC Touch Diamond when HTC has the Touch Pro which has a sliding keyboard and flash on the camera.

    Overall, the Samsung i900 is great but I may have to go with the HTC Touch Pro if it hits the states first

  3. Erik says:

    When I saw the specs on the Omnia, Iphone just dropped from my radar. The Omnia has everything good from the Iphone (well, almost) with so many additional benefits. A2DP is a dealbreaker for me, the option of upgrading memory up to 32 GB allows me to fit my entire mp3-collection including some movies on there, 5MP beats 2MP anyday, and the list goes on. Phone just seems to get beaten on every important point!

    Oh, and the HTC? Too small a screen and too many buttons for me, it’s a halfmeasure between a regular phone and the Iphone (which it tries to mimic). Even if someone gave it to me, I’d sell it and save the money for the Omnia…

  4. Marvin says:

    definitely the samsung and i currently have a first gen unlocked iphone. 2mp camera is terrible and itunes only is limited. i love samsung when they came with the blackjack. Also, iphone failed to bring A2DP for wireless music play back via bluetooth. Definitely going to sell my unlocked iphone.

  5. Paige Breech says:

    This is really a tough choice for me. I already have an ipod so having a big music player is not necissary however i have a direct input in my car and to my stereo at home that works with the input on the bottom of the iphone in case i wanted to use it for that purpose. I like the features of the samsung probably the best, not sure how i like windows mobile though (no experience with it). I also like the styling of the HTC the best and it seems to fit the purpose of an actual phone the best. I really need a great phone with a good internet browser, however the other features are an added bonus. I’ll probably debate over this a little longer for now though with all the high prices. Nice to see the iphone come down to 200 though.

  6. HEC says:

    Definitely Samsung.

    The spec for the screen is the only area that it is not the leader. I wander whether there is real difference in display in actual use.

  7. toxic says:

    Yes, Samsung has 5MP camera with flash, but screen resolution is awful.
    The winners are HTC Touch Pro and Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1 with their 3.2MP flash cameras, qwerty keyboard,256MB RAM,800×480 and 640×480 resolutuions and next generation qualcomm low-power processors. (X1’s talktime is 10h with 1500mh battery)

  8. Antonio - from Spain says:

    I agree the Samsung have the best specs., but what about the browser?.

    iPhone is the best, HTC will have Opera 9.5. And the Samsung?

  9. steve says:

    The diamond probably has the best interface, but the smallest capacity at 4GB with no expandability. The iPhone is just too “closed” of a system and just lacks things the Omnia has (turn-by-turn GPS navigation, 5 MP camera). I’m not a huge Windows mobile fan, but at least I can write apps for it very easily and don’t need to “jailbreak” the phone.

    Omnia for me!

  10. brian says:

    Samsung is the clear winner.

    I was so attracted to the Touch diamond (or Pro) when it came out. Yet i just found out its a triband – meaning limited use in the US. I have a HTC quadband Tytn I and i don’t understand why HTC can’t throw in a quadband on Touch Diamond.

    Lots of people buying these high ends are frequent travelers and a quadband phone is the ONLY way to go.

    Plus the built-in 16gb memory is to die for.
    Now only if Samsung throw in a 3x optical zoom…

  11. Akhil says:

    wat abt the screen guys?? clearly the htc has a better screen… but wat im not sure abt is, how imp is that really??? can u really make out the diff??

  12. MKnight says:

    Iphone is/was a revolutionary device in the industry, and I’m glad to see how samsung learned the lesson, and adopted these new ideas into a more functional, less propietary environment (windows mobile). Software development for windows mobile has been around for a while now, anyone can write an app for it, but it was not heading in a direction where UI was key. Iphone changed that, as of today you can find lot more applications for windows mobile with better GUI’s and with a finger-friendly mentality behind them (which is the case for samsung’s customized UI).

    Samsung brings a more attractive, shiny, finger-friendly, intuitive (gui, accelerometer), functional (windows mobile=lots of possibilities) to the table with this new approach. The device itself has better specs as well (5mpx cam, GPS etc), and is not another cheap attempt to copy the revolutionary iphone but instead it has a life of its own.

    With the right applications any windows mobile device can offer an iphone-like experience but most WM devices end up lacking compared to the iphone and I personally believe this is the reason:

    – the display: in a touch-screen based environment this can make the difference… when combined with the right User Interface.

    -Accelerometer: makes the device more intuitive.

    The Samsung Omnia is the alternative that can be put face to face against the Iphone without lacking in these 2 aspects.

    So in response to the original question:

    I like the Samsung Omnia more than the 2 other devices being compared, but the price tag at this point is ridiculous. Iphone seems to have improved that aspect with their upcoming release… nice going.

    And NO, I don’t work for samsung, or Microsoft or Apple or any other… Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion and I hope it helped in the comparison process intended.

  13. Brian says:

    I was all for the i900, but not so sure now. My next phone must have a stand alone GPS (among other things, of course), i.e. not network dependent, no data transfer to find where you are – works like a TomTom, Garmin, etc. I have asked Samsung 3 times and they don’t seem to know, or don’t want to tell me. All I get is ‘talk to your service provider’ – same answer 3 times. To me, this seems to mean if the phone can’t find a carrier, you do not have GPS. Not good enough. A deal killer for me. Brian

  14. gresik says:

    i want to ask first, samsung and htc use WM6.1 professional for its OS, but why samsung only has document viewer while htc can edit it? is that information true? can somebody explain first before i write my opinion..

  15. David says:

    I recently lost my Nokia N95-3 and now am looking for a replacement. Either the Touch Pro or the Omnia. I found out from an AT&T rep that they will be getting the Omnia but in Q3 (September). If the Touch Pro came with a 5mp camera, I’d buy it on the spot but because it’s a bit of a downgrade I may go with the Omnia. I’m on the fence about getting a non-us version early so I can have it now. I have no idea if a US carrier will get the Touch Pro but it wouldn’t surprise me if Sprint picked it up.

  16. Daisy says:

    Samsung Omnia is out in Singapore. I bought one today at S$468, and was relieved by the price tag after reading various forum discussions.

    I was initially torn between the iphone and the Omnia i900. Since I have a Apple MBP and a PC, the operating system wasn’t an issue.

    I thought the Omnia’s technical parameters were a lot better than the iphone too – 16 GB internal memory, 5 megapixel camera. It is so beautiful – light, with a dark metallic surface which leaves no thumbprints, slim enough to slide into jeans pocket inconspicuously. With the relatively affordable price tag, it is a no-brainer which phone to pick.

  17. Hanz says:

    Speed wise, I’d go for Samsung Omnia. It has the same processor of O2 Atom Life. Over-all features, still Samsung Omnia but I am disappointed with 65k TFT colors.

    iPhone, nah… just to create a craft fashion statement.

  18. duce says:

    impressed with omnia BUT only 128 ram? and the resolutuon in lower than the diamond and iphones…if they would of added more resolution and more collors like iphones 16 million versus 65k it would of been a perfect phone! guess nothing can be perfect.

  19. H EC says:

    1 bought one 5 days ago. absolutely love it. infact I am sending this with it. I was concrned with screen specs. however after using it I have no concern at all. Referring to earlier posts about cannot edit office docs with viewer that comes along,it is not true.

  20. Daisy says:

    ‘Samsung Omnia is out in Singapore. I bought one today at S$468, and was relieved by the price tag after reading various forum discussions. ‘

    dude….I am in Singapore.

  21. Nikhdpro says:

    I bought the Samsung Omnia Last week at SGD$198, the retail price with contract is SGD$598, w/o contract is SGD$1098

    I think the phone owns, it has a very polished interface. Only qualms i have are about the music player, there is no search function, and the speaker, it is very soft. However, i have installed a 3rd party player that has a search function. Did i mention that the music player in the phone can play divx and xvid format movies?

    There is a complete office mobile suite on the omnia which includes:

    1. Word 2k7 (Create/Edit/View)
    2. Excel 2k7 (Create/Edit/View)
    3. OneNote 2k7 (Create/Edit/View)
    4. Powerpoint 2k7 (View)

    The omnia works quite fast. Also, there is a haptic response for everytime you touch the screen, gives you the feeling that the UI is responsive.

    I did not really like the TouchWiz UI on my today screen, but Samsung provides another today screen plugin which is really cool, I am currently using that.

    The camera is very good, it has face detection and smile detection. The flash is really very bright, can be compared to a high quality still camera. There is image stabiliser, autofocus, and many other features which i have yet to try.

    Internet browsing is very fast with Opera Mobile, it has a full screen mode.

    By the way, has anyone mentioned that it has an Optical Mouse? It is very responsive and fast.

    My carrier, Starhub provided me with a Luxury Pack offer. This was only for the first 2 days when the omnia was released. The pack comes with leather case, 2 stylus, TV-out cable and a 3.5mm adapter, extra earbuds, screen protector. Also, the headset is an in-ear, the quality is comparable to Shure’s high-end headphones.

    I think that everyone should buy an Omnia, as it is definitely the next big thing, it is going to be a huge sensation. And by the way, who cares about the iPhone or the HTC Touch Diamond. Samsung’s is the new way to go, and why not, it is after all omnia, everything one can wish for in a phone!

  22. sam says:

    Thank you to the President in charge of sales at Samsung for that comment…

    (Did you not think anyone would notice that blatent sales talk?)

    …I currently have not made up my mind between any of these three. The Diamond has a good size, but is let down by the measly 4GB limited storage and no flash on the camera. I’ve also heard that they’re having problems with the interface.

    The iPhone is a classic, but Apple have definitely missed a trick by not including a better camera, flash, front facing camera, multimedia messaging etc… maybe next time Apple will make a much bigger leap? Also not quite sure yet about the usefulness of the GPS in Sat Nav?

    Samsung Omnia of course looks like the best machine all round. However, the screen resolution is a real let down, plus the wierd dimensions. In online demos it looks like the screen sensitivity is poor in comparison to the iPhone. Otherwise it does appear to have everything.

    The only way to decide whether the Omnia is the true winner is to get it in our hands…

    So – a question to the President of Sales who left the last comment; when will we see the i900 Omnia in Europe, or at the very least, the UK?

  23. John says:

    There’s no comparison between the iphone and the Omnia.
    I don’t even think that an iphone is as good as the Samsung Instinct, and the Omnia seems to be a LOT better than the Instinct based on specs… yet my instinct OWNS my friends first gen iphone in every area but storage capacity…

    Samsung is the new gold standard in electronics.

  24. Mohammed says:

    The iphone is a joke. The diamond not expandable and average camera. The Samsung for me is the dream gadget. It has it all and is a clear winner. Just cant understand the hype behind the iphone for such a poor device.

  25. William says:

    Had been using the Omnia for 2 weeks now. Everything seems fine just the occaisional hanging of the system, I have to take out the battery in order to reset it. There’s no hard reset button on the phone itself. But I am still very happy to get this phone. I got this phone for $468 with a 2 year contract with M1 (Singapore).
    Another great feature that nobody mention was the Etiquette Pause function. It you turn over the phone (Screen facing downwards) it will automatical muted the ringing tone if there is a incoming call, and when you turn it over (screen facing upwards) the ringing tone starts to ring again. Isin’t it a cool function?
    Another downpoint was my screen gets too “white” when I use it directly under the sun which make it quite hard for me to see what on the phone’s screen.
    I am glad that it has a internal memory of 16GB. When I told my friend about it, they even asked me 16mb or 16 gb? When I told them it’s 16gb they were all shocked, maybe was because the iphone 3G has still not been lauched yet in Singapore they had not seen such a big storage in a phone before.

  26. H EC says:

    There is a hard reset button. It it the tiny pin hole besides the on/off button.

    Also, after I disable the power savimg mode and time out turn off, my OMNIA does not hang any more.

  27. LoneRanger says:

    1st things 1st … I think the question should be … what’s the best phone for what kind of use?

    If u want to have a fancy Mobile device to offer to U’r Girl Friend , probably U’ll chose the IPod.

    If u need a working device with a fancy touch, then Omnia will be the choice.

    I’m using a Qtek S200 (with external cheap GPS Antena) and a iPAQ for the last 2 years ( I must say great job they did, with an average of 700-1000 min/month conversation each, + WM Apps heavy duty usage, GPS etc…) during the last 6 months, I had an hard time deciding what would be my new choice. Even knowing that it would be an hard job to find decent productivity Apps to iPOD, it was one of my choices… after knowing that instead of a GPS Apple presents us with a GPD (Global Pointing Device), I realized they came with the Same Old Joke “The Proudly Lonely Apple”.

    HTC or Samsung?

    Well I like HTC and apart from 1 or 2 incidents like TyTen 1, they have offered us Robust and Trusty equipments, even thou I think they committed a terrible mistake being so conservative, in the development of new form factors. By the other side Samsung, invested in Powerful and Ergonomic equipments like i780 and now i900 Omnia.

    My choice will be i900 … or maybe i780 🙂

  28. damo says:

    I have imported an omnia from singapore its absolutely fabulous iphone no bluetooth for file transfer rubbish htc limited memory useless ok omnia os is not the easiest to use texting is much easier on the tocco (my previous phone) also text messages are in tiny print so they are not easy to read.
    samsung big screen why only use 15% of it to view a text message? screen is hard to see in sunlight my battery only lasts two days (but i am constantly playing with it) those are the downsides but omnia is superb other than a couple of faults but no phone will ever be perfect.
    Omnia comes very close to perfect

  29. Momo says:

    It looks to me from the spec that Omnia is just going to out perform the other 2 on lots of levels. I’m crazy fussy about which handset I buy and have been out of contract using the same old Sony Ericcson I’ve had for 2 years because nothing has come out that will meet my very challenging requirements including the iPhone 3G and the Touch Diamond.

    I’m pretty sure though that I’ll be waiting patiently to get my hands on an Omnia. Does anyone know what networks it’s likely to be available on in the UK. I take it O2 won’t stock it as it’ll shaft their iPhone sales.

  30. Well… I am not going to buy any of those… but I like the diamond’s form factor, Iphone’s SW (growth possibility) and the specs of the omnia…

    Either way, my choice would go for iphone… I am a “simple mobile” user that likes the contacts and media synced… nothing more, nothing less…

    You stand here comparing equipments based on a software platform that has been around for more than 10 years, has it’s licencing and contracting fully worked out (damn…WM can even work as a sonar!!!), comparing it with a platform that has only 6 months “On the open developers market”, and see what it has already accomplished… buggy ( 😉 ) exclusive software but that has the focus on the right thing… the way the user really uses the application. MY experience using it… ME. I don’t want to store contacts… I want to have fun doing it!

    So for my profile of usage I tend to value the integration, looks and experience… I am only making calls, listening to music and keeping my life straight. If I can make these stuff with the same look’n’feel… you already owns me.

    My view is you can compare omnia and diamond, but even so the niche they follow is distinct… One is for phone lovers, other is for more advanced stuff.

    iPhone is way behind, but it’s only a toddler.

    just my 2 cents

  31. sam says:

    has anyone actually tried using a windows mobile device with no stylus? good luck. they are as dodgy as ever and very slow and unstable. if you really think specs can compare to experience you are doing yourself a deservice. Use all three and see which one is actually useful, fun to use and easy to use. I had a windows mobile phone before and i now have the iphone 3g. it is the best thing on the smartphone market thus far. and for those who dont know, it does have real satellite gps and no the mp3s are not tied to itunes. i transferred all my mp3s from my iriver with no issues whatsoever. it is fast, stable, does brilliant multitasking and never needs you to do anything to maintain it other than turn it off and on after an application install. it also has amazing fast chinese language support using the finger and no keyboard. no need to worry about memory management or anything of that nature and everything gets setup in a breeze. dont underestimate the true-color support either – it feels like the smallest computer in the palm of your hands when surfing or watching photos and videos.

  32. ridz says:

    apple have done a fantastic job in marketing but not in developing the iPhone…bla…bla…bla. 3G without camera on the front is crap!!! To cut the long story short…nayyy…its NO to the iPhone. HTC Diamond? It might be a good Christmas gift…thanks to the FUNtasctic features that comes with it. Children will definitely love it! So…the undisputable winner is non other than OMNIA!!! It is simply elegant and efficient… Beauty and the Brain I should say… Congrats to SAMSUNG!

  33. wsc says:

    After installing Windows Mobile Device Center, the touchscreen on I900 stopped working. The device is always on locked mode and I tried pressing all the buttons; even the reset button beside the power button. Nothing worked. Anybody with similar experience.

  34. Richard says:

    Think the Omnia seems to be the best for features and has the better spec.

    If people are worried about the browser, no need to worry as both the HTC & Omnia are windows mobile devices so software from one can be put on to the other. Opera Browser can be located free on the internet.

    Omnia also has a card slot and a 5MP camera, so the rest seem to be left trailing.

    For me its a no brainer, Omnia all the way

  35. Richard says:

    A few people are voting for the Diamond, but a warning to them, looks may be decieving as many people have complained about the sluggishness of it as well as a few other problems.

    Personally Samsung wins, but I may wait for the Touch pro to be released and compare it with the Omnia!

  36. Dick Thomas says:

    Omnia baby

    Camera = 5MP with FLASH!
    Better battery life.
    Removable memory.
    unlocked phones already available.
    Will work in Asia, Europe, and USA for those world travelers – MUI language pack available for OS.
    Customizable interface.
    You can write computer programs with Omnia!
    And a whopping 7.2Mbps

    Come on guys, do the math. Where all the geeks at?

  37. Carlos says:


    I have used WM without stylus. t was not designed to be used that way, but it is possiblem. The stylus is very useful when using Office applications. WM was built for work, not to show off..

    I would never buy iPhone, it is a closed system. Besides, I read it is very sensible to humidity. Can anyone confirm?

  38. Carlos says:

    Omnia’s got a built-in GPS receiver so you must not be connected to use it. It behaves just like any other GPS system.
    You must, however, be connected to use A-GPS – it uses internet to help locate when GPS signal is weak (eg. in town between high buildings).

  39. darren says:

    Come on people…. Read the specs properly. The samsung does.nt have only 8gb of internal memory it actually has 16gb. I know this as i work for a major operator in the uk and we actually get to play with the lovely toys before they are released to the market. But out of all the samsung wins hands down. Purely because of the reason out of the three of them it plays divx movies hence doing away with the need to carry a mp4 player.

  40. Steve says:

    I have a touch diamond and was very dissapointed with it’s performance, however I have installed the new Rom upgrade and now the device flys along and is very stable, as for the camera, I had a G600 samsung and a D900 and always found the cameras to be laggy, blurry and generally poor quality. The diamonds pictures are very clear and crisp.

  41. Anweledig says:

    I have had my Omnia for 2 weeks now – it is everything promised and more. Excellent reception, stable performance and packed with features. It easily blows away a colleagues iphone on photos, email and general phone use. The new touch interface is quick and responsive. Battery life seems to be good (but will tend to settle over the first few charge cycles so I can’t be sure yet). I haven’t used a diamond so can’t comment on that but the screen size meant that diamond wasn’t suitable for me.

    BTW I use an imac at home and Windows pcs and Apple computers at work so have no particular platform bias – I just want something that does everything for a sensible price.

  42. T@R1Q says:

    O2 has got Omnia.
    I called them today 2 upgrade my contract.
    They offered me but hell, it’s with the same tarrif as Iphone3G. But O2 said they might drop the price down in few weeks.
    Let’s c. But I liked da phone comapred 2 truely overrated Iphone3G whose limitation is countless.
    HTC diamond is very cool but again restricted by memory and bit small for such functions.

  43. Neo says:

    BTW, does anyone know that I-phone has a feature which lets u play ur music, stored on phone, on CAR stereo as well on any frequency of your choice ?? Does Omnia also has the same feature ?

  44. sammy says:

    Am still deciding whether iPhone or Omnia. No HTC here in the Philippines. Am leaning towards Omnia due to the fact that i think there is NO VIDEO RECORDING on the iPhone and only 2megapix camera. How can it be a multimedia phone when you cannot even send pics from iPhone? I think the choice of which phone to get depends on the users preference thus i have to rule out iPhone for now…

  45. Paul says:

    Having purchased an Iphone 3G last month I can quite honestly say I’m glad it broke. It was a pleasure to use, but the touch screen texting was a pain. Downside was GPS software was pointless as a satnav, no MMS and poor Camera.

    Rather than get another Iphone I opted for an Omnia, which I’ve now had for a couple of days.

    Plus side – looks cool, lots of apps and it’s easy to use….

    Downside – cheap build quality, GPS not compatible with TOMTOM, poor response from on screen typing and the camera quality is more like 3 Mega pixel.

    I have contacted TOMTOM directly and they can give no dates for the Com port problem, so it’s useless as a SATNAV for me.

    The camera quality compared to a Viewty is quite poor, but hopefully they can fix this with a ROM.

    They should have built the stylus into the phone, it looks bloody stupid hanging of the side and you really do need it to text.

    The Samsung Onscreen keyboard takes up almost the entire screen, so you end up using the stylus which looks like an after thought.

    No cover or case….grrrrr

    A great Phone with poor design, can I live with it???
    I’ll tell you after the weekend….

    The Diamond Touch Pro – looks cool, the GPS works with TOMTOM and the camera takes a good clean photo. But does the Touch Flow still run like a dog?

    For App lovers – Omnia
    For Trendy bods – Iphone
    For Coolness – Diamond Touch Pro

    But I’m still not sure on the Omnia, maybe if TOMTOM worked and it had a stylus onboard I would be happy. Try one out, before you hype it though….

    So come on, is the TOUCH PRO any faster with it’s FLOW stuff ???? Should I swap my Omnia for one ???

  46. Carlos says:

    “BTW, does anyone know that I-phone has a feature which lets u play ur music, stored on phone, on CAR stereo as well on any frequency of your choice ?? Does Omnia also has the same feature ?”

    This feature is useless… Usually the radio spectrum is too busy and you can’t find a free frequency. You get lots of interference from radio stations. If you want to play the stored music on car stereo the best bet is bluetooth – if your car stereo has it.
    Has anyone tried it?

  47. Steve says:

    I have a HTC Diamond, with the rom upgrade the tough-flo is very fast and smooth. I hated the diamond before and wanted the Omnia, but now the diamond is quick to use and the Omnia can’t use Tomtom I think I’ll stick with the HTC. (you will notice that at no point did I even consider the iphone)

  48. Paul says:

    I’ve now spent the weekend trying to setup Tom Tom on my Omnia and finaly found version 7.45 works. You have to change a few setting and the sat lock is still very hit and miss. Had a play with a touch pro and Tom Tom worked perfectly.

    I’ve got one day left to send it back, so tomorrow will be the decider.

  49. Spencer says:

    vote for samsung..

    HTC too small screen for my finger n it can’t view in landscape except picture n internal browser..

    NO GPS software need to buy except samsung..

    iphone is basically for internet surfing, not fit as a mobile phone

  50. You gotta be kidding me… Finaly tried the Omnia Phone hands on and that thing “sucks”… It’s pretty, has the best hardware but the interface/user experience is just butt ugly… and talk about hiting the X on the top right corner with your finger (didn’t miss that from my Dell X5 times)… It drove me mad!!! Me and an older lady who was besides me and got pissed sad.. she really wanted a omnia, but after trying it, she gave up… She didn’t care for the specs… she wanted a really good user experience for some pretty common stuff… After trying the omnia we went on to the iphone and she bought it… right in front of me!

    She was a blackberry user… and she wasn’t pretty ;p

  51. Carlos says:

    I borrowed an Omnia for a day last week; today, I managed to borrow an iPhone.
    – Omnia is a better phone, easier to use and carry around un your pocket;
    – iPhone’s multi touch is fine, but it doesn’t make the difference for me;
    – iPhone’s Google Maps is a joke.
    I wrote this before, and this experience confirmed: Omnia was made for work, iPhone for show-off. Of course, Applemaniacs will desagree..

  52. Karim says:

    so…can you use tom tom with the omnia or not? im really thinking of getting the omnia..but only if i can use some kind of satnav on it..for example, garmin, tom tom or navman…also..does the internet browser come in built (the opera one) or does tht have to be downloaded…? can someone give me honest advice please…in my opninion and from what ive read the omnia is leading at the moment? is this true?

  53. Rafa says:

    Regarding what Brian said –June 20th, 2008 | 2:53 pm– does anyone, of those who have already worked with the Omnia, know if the GPS works without network conecction ¿?

  54. Ken says:

    I am a proud owner of the Samsung i900 Ominia, it has Opera and Internet Explorer built-in, the camera is ace, texting needs a little to get used to. If you are looking to buy a phone mainly for texting, look else where. The i900 is more of a PDA with Windows Mobile 6.1 than a phone. I have not tried using GPS yet, but the function is there, according to the instructions, it has turn by turn directions, however, I think the map details will have to be downloaded from the net when you are using it. Touch screen is a nice feature on the i900, there is also a mouse pointer operate by using an optical mouse pad between the two keys at the bottom. There are all sorts of other functions which will keep me occupied for hours. I’ve looked at the iPhone, but I prefer the Samsung i900 as it has far better spec.

  55. Carlos says:

    Rafa, Omnia’s GPS works without network connection; however, not all carriers sell it with navigation software installed. If that’s the case with your carrier, you must obtain a WM compatible software and install it. Some versions of Tomtom seem to have problems with Omnia – I think Tomtom will fix it soon.

  56. Carlos says:

    Karim, the software you get with Omnia depends on the carrier. I think Internet Explorer is allways present but I’m not sure about Opera. You can use satnav on it but, depending on your carrier, the software may not be installed when you buy the phone (see my answer to Rafa above).

  57. Tested It says:

    I tested it in a shop and it was impressive. although 16gb isnt out yet unless u go with orange

    i cant go orange (not where i liv)
    but when it comes out for all telecoms i will be able tog et it for £150 (16GB) woot and waaaay to u noobs!
    (i think october time for non-branded release so good for my bday!)

  58. jez says:

    I’m using omnia for couple of months now i love the features and its design, the camera and the hefty memory are the best, my only comment is I can’t see the display if i’m in bright (sun)light.

    As i am almost ouside during the day … i need somthing else …. I am buying iphone tonite.

  59. uzma khan says:

    i am getting omnia soon on upgrade phones4u said that the phone does’t rotate but i checked on 1 website and they said it does!!!! can some tell me if it does and can you use the internet rotated as well??

  60. Ken says:

    Uzma, i900 comes with IE and Opera, IE displays a whole page without the ability to resize (I’ve not found a way to resize anyway!), Opera is a far better browser because it resize the page and it tries to fit as much as possible to the screen, you can resize what you see on the screen by using a slide bar (this is normally hidden) on the right side of the screen or double tap the area you want to resize, once it is resized, you can move around the page with you finger by sliding it across the screen, very much like the iPhone.

  61. Martin says:

    I bought an HTC Touch Diamond last week in the UK to replace my TyTN II, which is just too heavy. The display is unbelievably sharp, the PDA is quick and the 4GB storage is enough for me. HOWEVER, I’m taking it back tomorrow. Why? Because the stylus scratches the screen! This is terribly poor design from a company so experienced at producing touchscreen devices. After reading the comments above, maybe I’ll try the Samsung i900…

  62. Ken says:

    Further to my comment above, IE does have a zoom level which you can set when viewing webpages, it’s hidden in the menu, levels are largest, larger, default, smaller and smallest, so the built-in Opera is a better browser (for now). I have also tried playing the GPS, but only got a screen telling me Vodafone is still developing the software, I’m not worried about this because I have a seperate GPS unit.

  63. Carlos says:

    Martin, have you tried a screen protector? You will loose some shapness but your screen will be protected. I don’t know if you can buy it made for the HTC, maybe you’ll have to adapt one. It won’t be very beutifull, but if you are happy with your device maybe it is good trade-off… Bear in mind that stylus scratches screens – allways. Some more, some less, but you have a hard point pressed against a soft film… it may be very noticeable or not, but in the long run the result is allways a scratched screen!

    Ken, you can install any GPS software. You don’t have to wait for Vodafone. Vodafone’s software probably will work only with network connection. (Their business is communication – they’ll make you spend money on their services!)

  64. Alam says:

    People I have been considering all three phones’s for my next upgarde here in the UK (which is toorrow – My God what a long 18 months that was!!!)
    I currently have an HTC Orbit (we call it the XDA Orbit) and I love it!!!!
    I’ve tested the HTC DIamond, initially I liked it – a lot! Unfotunately, I am a heavy user, and teh Touch Diamond crasehed 4 times in the shop while I “tested” it. It’s not the greatest for multi – tasking.
    3.2 MP is also a bummer compared to the Omnia’s 5MP.

    I went for the iphone next. I have been a bit of a critic of the iphone. I don’t like the fact that I have to use itunes to manage my music. And it’s 2MP. Almost all my friends have the iphone and honestly it’s nothing special! I asked my manager at work, who had the same phone as me “How is it in terms of PDA usage” he said the iphone’s great but not the best to organise yourself with!!!
    I use notes a lot on the Windows Mobile, so that’s another selling point that takes me to the Omnia.
    I am very impressed to see “Real” internet on the Omnia, which the iphone used to have a monopoly claim to.
    The iphone GPS is rubbish too. I use my GPS on my current HTC Orbit a lot (I use Co-pilot on mine). I’ve got a Tom Tom at home sitting there!!! The GPS on this is fantastic, but the Omnia is better, giving you pinpoint navigation, GPS imaging, foot navigation as well as car! Can you get better than that!! Try and beat that iphone. I’ve made my mind up!!! Omnia here I come.
    BTW I have never had a Samsung phone before, I’ve always hated them, therefore it has taken a lot of consideration to let a Samsung drive me to this opinion!!!!!!!

  65. jez says:

    To Carlos, adjusting backlight in Omnia, helps a bit. Thanks.

    To uzma khan, to set auto rotate for Omnia — on the main menu .. 1) go to Settiengs — > 2) go to System tab — > 3) Click on Motion Sensor — > 4) make sure your Auto orientation set to ‘Automatic’

    I got the iphone 2 days back, i have not done the jailbreak yet, i think i will go back to my omnia for the time being, I still love that phone :o)

  66. jez says:

    What i dont like (so far) on iphone :

    1) NO copy and paste
    2) NO video call capability as there are no camera in front (unlike omnia)
    3) No SMS forwarding
    Maybe some 3rd party apps out there can help on above issue?

    4) bluetooth function via earpiece only. I can’t send-receive ng contacts/files via bluetooth.
    5) Battery life 1-day. At least in my omnia it takes 2 days to fully flat my batt.

    let’s see after jailbreaking …

  67. Alam says:

    Jez has just pointed out some other reasons I failed to mention why I do not favour the iphone.
    As good as the SMS conversation view is, not having the ability to forward SMS is terrible.

    Copy and paste is a no no on the iphone.

    And bluetooth is only for connecting to other devices and ear pieces, not ofr music etc (for copyright purposes!)

  68. Carlos says:

    “Maybe some 3rd party apps out there can help on above issue?” jez

    Maybe, but you have to jailbreak the damn thing first 🙂 – or pay Apple for the 3rd party apps.

    Even if iPhone was the 8th wonder of the modern world, this feature alone would prevent me from buying it. Why can’t I use something I bought the way I want it? There are lots of free apps for WM; I can use them if I want without paying Microsoft for it or having to hack the device.

    If they could, Apple would take your money and keep the hardware!

  69. mench says:

    i just got my new omnia…the problem is my memory is always full so i always need to go to task manager and delete application and copy all my files to my storage card..how will i do it automatically to save it under my storage card??? ..hmmm maybe i need to learn more…besides, they say omnia got 8-16gb but when i check my memory only arounds MB??? what is that???

  70. Greg W says:

    I’ve been ready pages & pages for weeks on iphone, BB bold & Onia i900 and hadn’t got confident enough to commit to a long term contract. Reading your comments I think my gut feel of the Omnia with windows 6.1 was right. I am surprised at how little the Omnia has featured in press compared to iphone & bold!!

  71. Kalpesh says:

    there are many softwares available which can make u r windows mobile touchflo like htc or samsung and throuch voice commands u can also rotate u r screen .
    so there is no need to buy htc or omnia just because they have touchflo and auto rotate facilites

  72. Jez says:


    Till now I have not done the jail breaking on my iphone as I heard the warranty will be void if I have done so.

    Do you have any comment?

    .. This iphone is useless! (At least for me)..

  73. Sam Novi says:

    Hello All, After lot of comparing I am leaning towards buying an Omnia. Anyone using Omnia with T-Mobile (Internet and Email)? I would appreciate it if you can share your experiences, primarily browsing speed and email usage. I currently use Blackberry Pearl. Thanks.

  74. Carlos says:

    Jez, Apple invested a lot of effort to get people to buy software from their shop, they won’t let go easily. You have 3 possibilities:

    – Smile and make other people think you are terribly happy with iPhone – I think a lot of users are doing this!

    – Sell it

    – Jailbreak the damn thing. If it is useless to you now, you won’t regret if it goes wrong and Apple doesn’t fix it for free; at least you’ll use it for some time.

    Just my 2p…

  75. mike-dog says:

    Hey GUys,

    Sorry if someone has already said this.

    I have an iphone and a omnia sitting in front of me now, and i am going to buy the omnia when it gets released 100% now (yay only 3 more weeks) as the camera function is a big thing for me (i currently have a n98gb, the fact you can use it for external storage is great and not locked into any itunes 🙂

    the other main selling points (for me) are:

    Iphone: 2mp camera, no auto focus no video and no picture messaging.

    Samsung: 5mp camera, video support, picture messaging support “real” gps.

    Now the only reason i was even considering the iphone was because of a few small (really cool) features.

    IPHONE: lots of fun little games like popping bubble wrap and the big one is being able to hold it up to a radio and it tells you what song is playing and gives you a link to buy it from itunes (i just think thats a wicked feature)

    SAmsung: already making their own features and programs that will beat the iphones or at the least match it.

    O thats all i got, hope this was helpful in my sleep deprived state 🙂


  76. mike-dog says:

    @greg W.

    Notice who sponsors all those magazines and articles (ITUNES, APPLE)

    haha samsung just sits back and hopes people will make the right choice….

    GO FOR the samsung great option you wont regret it and easy to install 10000+ apps on windows mobile….

  77. huso says:

    omnia has bad resulotioun 200X420 and some programs will not work or we cant abel to see all of the scene.

    diamond has a bad battary 900mAh is not enoughe for a day…

    iphone is allready out of competition ..

  78. Rafa says:

    I would like to know whether the Omnia can work as a modem, so that you can connect your laptop to internet through the mobile connection… I mean with one carrier contract you can use both the phone and the laptop wherever you want…

  79. Carlos says:

    Rafa, I didn’t try it but I think it is possible. In fact, it should be possible with any mobile phone. 2 years ago I used an SE T610 to connect my laptop to the internet. I used bluetooth to link laptop and phone. Possible problems:
    – your laptop bluetooth software doesn’t recognize Omnia’s modem
    – your carrier doesn’t allow it
    Can we hear from someone who has already tried it?

  80. CK says:

    Rafa, i have XPS-M1330, with bluetooth connection, it connects and pairs with it as a modem, (Also connection via Activesync). Used the net for a bit now, without a single problem.

    Since i only got the i900 recently, i’ll keep using it for a week before giving some feedback. I’m trialing it in Sydney Australia.

  81. simon e says:

    hey guys, thanks for helping me make up my mind. im buying omnia. in fact im going to get one as soon as the shop opens today.
    why would anyone want iphone wen you cant send picture msg.
    screen much to small on diamond for my likeing.

    no doubt about it its omnia for me.

  82. jez says:

    @Carlos, thanks for the advice. I took other option… gave it to my younger brother … he said it is much good looking than his old phone (Nokia N70)…. hehehehe
    He decided to jailbreak it anyway.

    @Huso, Yes iphone has slight bigger resolution.
    For Omnia, It is only a matter of choosing correct resolution when downloading application.


    I love OMNIA.

    Why? (again) Because IPHONE:

    1) NO copy and paste capability.
    2) NO video call capability as there is no camera in front
    3) No SMS forwarding
    4) Bluetooth function via earpiece only. I cannot send-receive contacts/files via Bluetooth.
    5) Battery life less than a day.
    6) No voice dialing
    7) No voice Recording
    8) NO TV out.
    9) 2-mega pixel camera?
    10) ….

  83. Sam says:

    Hello All, I bought an OMNIA this Friday and returned it on Monday. You will probably like the phone if you are windows fan. You really cannot compare this with an iPhone. iPhone usability is in a different league. I had problems with the phone to get turned off after a minute if unused. I set it up, but it never worked. To use the headset, you need to use a connected because we cannot plug the headset right to the phone. I found the phone not user friendly. If you buy make sure you buy it from a place where you can return the phone after couple of days of use. Again, if you are used to the Microsoft Mobile apps, you will end up liking it. I am a blackberry user, going back to my BB.

  84. 19ninety says:

    How bad is the omnia screen/resolution/colour depth? Does it really affect images and applications/text that badly? Also I see on alot of the video reviews the omnia is laggy and doesnt always seem to respond too well to finger touches on the screen? Where as the iPhone seems almost flawless in response to use imputs.

  85. Sam says:

    Reply to carlos – I guess my phone needed a software upgrade. I was expecting the phone to perform a bit better, so I was clearly disappointed. Very very hard to see the screen when you are outside in sunlight. Very hard to read websites. Everyone is comparing the touch screen experience to iPhone. Omnia don’t even come close… agree there are lot of other features.

  86. Carlos says:

    Outside in sunlight all screens are hard to see… you can adjust the backlighting, but it won’t make a huge difference. Easy to see in sunlight are the old black and white screens – or better still, black and green or black and blue!

    Finger touches on the screen: iPhone is good, Omnia is usable. Every WM device is usable with fingers, but the response is not very good. WM was developed to use a stylus.

    In the end, it all comes to what do you want to do. iPhone is flashier, has a great marketing effort behind, is fashionable and probably a better multimedia device. Omnia is a better work tool.

  87. root says:

    I have both the iphone 3g and the HTC touch pro. In my opinion Iphone won with the looks, user interface, and hmm…. other than that nothing. The HTC Raphael(Touch Pro) in the other hand is better due to the keyboard, camera, full 3rd party application support and heaps of other stuff. I installed tomtom in my touch pro and I can do remote desktop with it. It’s true you can remote desktop with the iphone but it’s really crap because there is no keyboard support and even if the Iphone already supports 3rd party software you can only get the good ones if you pay. But with windows mobile devices there are already heaps of applications you can choose from.

  88. Tim says:

    CK how do you set up the Omnia to work as a modem? And how do you connect both the laptop and the mobile, just switching on the bluetooth in the devices? Can you recieve incoming calls when working as a modem?

  89. Ralph says:

    CK how do you set up the Omnia to work as a modem? And how do you connect both the laptop and the mobile, just switching on the bluetooth in the devices? Can you recieve incoming calls when working as a modem ¿?

  90. Tecktyro8 says:

    Hey Y’all, I’m not a techie and would like to buy the Samsung. My question is, “can it work/sink with a Mac Book Pro”, if not I will probably be forced to buy the lesser of the two (iphone) so I can work more efficiently. Or if somebody else has other recommendations I’m all ears, thanks for your support!


  91. Carlos says:

    Tim, Ralph, I’ve tried Omnia but I don’t have one; I can’t be very specific about how you connect Omnia, but I’ll give some general guidelines.
    1 turn Bluetooth on (PC and phone)
    2 make tne phone discoverable
    3 open Bluetooth control panel in your PC (usually you can do that by double clicking the Bluetooth symbol)
    4 Make your PC look for new devices; it’ll find Omnia and connect with it (probably you’ll have to insert a password in your PC and in Omnia)
    5 Your PC will try to find available services in Omnia. It’ll find the modem and install it.
    6 Your SIM card probably has all the info the PC needs to use it as a modem; if it doesn’t, you’ll have to ask your carrier.

    Tecktyro8, I don’t know if Omnia can wrk with a Mac; iPhone doesn’t work well with Windows. Try before you buy even if you buy iPhone.
    Of course I could recommend you to swap your Mac for a PC and buy Omnia! 🙂

  92. Tecktyro8 says:

    Hey Carlos,

    Thanks for your timely feedback, it is greatly appreciated! I will take your advice and see if the stores in Asia will allow me to try a phone with my laptop on the spot, probably not but worth a try, thanks!


    P.S. had a mac in 92 but it was to limited in terms of not having PC compatible software. Went 14 years with a PC and just switched back to a Mac. Will never look back, been the best most computer stress free two years of my life and I’m lovin it, thanks again!

  93. alcapone says:

    hi all i am a iranian boy in my country iphon is very expensive and gprs mms html not work whit our emolator and we cant use this technologi so camera and memori and blutooth but bluthooth of iphon dont work in my country so is better for me to use the omnia
    i think omnia is better than the other

  94. Momir says:

    After reading all this comments I am totaly confused. I intend to buy a new phone and it seems to me that Omnia has the best specs. I am from Europe (Serbia) and I am more familiar with Windows than Apple. Is Omnia best choice for me?

  95. to rafa and Uzma
    well difintly omnia workin as a modem through internet sharing,i use mine daily n its working perfect good for browsing and downloading as well not for streaming..
    i m on t-mobile with unlimited internet and its working fine for me..

    althou Omnia is a nice fone….i love it.

  96. to tim and ralph
    i dont knw how to connect it as modem through bluetooth but u can connect it through usb cable,
    connect your fone with your laptop with usb cable
    go to your programes, click on internet sharing,
    in PC connection option:
    select USB
    and in the network connection:
    select your network provider internet connection

    and click connect thats it..

  97. iTruth says:

    Well, at first i was thinking of iPhone 3G, but it seems samsung is overwhelming in comparing. Well, the iphone does have a much better physical appearence.

  98. Carlos says:

    Tecktyro8, people usually work best with the hardware they like… Good luck to you and your Mac! In Europe we have a period to decide to keep things we buy – some stores accept things back up to 15 days after you buy and give your money back no questions asked. Can’t you find something like that where you live?

    Momir, if you are familiar with Windows you’ll probablly feel at home with Omnia. However, try before you buy if you can!

  99. Tre says:

    Heyee you’ll, omnia rocks.

    Omnia is offered with germin GPS nevigation subscription for life in suth africa, that alone makes it a no brainer choice in my oppinion. 5MP, 7.2Mbps and expandable strage. Is the an app to make it work faster thou?

  100. elliott says:

    omnia is great got mine last week and love it to bits but you have to pay through the nose for the internet/browsing. iphone has free browsing so got to weigh that up!!!!! and the omnia has a few annouying bits, the phone book beibg one of them!!!!!!argh

  101. Harrower says:

    I’m also thinking which should I buy iPhone 3G or Samsung Omnia.

    The question is –

    To use GPS on iPhone it require internet connection. Is it possible to install GPS software on iPhone and then not use internet connection?

  102. Carlos says:

    elliott, costs are not due to the device, they are set by carriers.

    At least you can sinchronize Omnia’s phone book with a PC easily – you can’t say the same about iPnone.

  103. River says:

    I was thinking about getting the iPhone, but when I heard it uses Google maps I flipped. South africa’s maps need an urgent update. OMNIA! OMNIA!

  104. Carlos says:

    Harrower, according to the specs iPhone has “Built-in GPS receiver” so it should be able to work without internet connection, provided it has real navigation software installed. Problems: is there gonna be navigation software for iPhone? Will it be any good? How much will it cost? Remember you can’t install software without using Apple, unless you jailbreak iPhone.

  105. For me, its Samsung i900 : OMNIA. Well, from all the specs, it beat HTC TD and iPhone 3G, but the UI for iPhone is more friendlier than both OMNIA and HTC TD. The price here in Malaysia for OMNIA 8GB is ranging from RM2500 to (+/-) RM2900, and iPhone 3G is approximately RM3000. As for the HTCTD, the market price is in a big range, so I can’t exactly confirmed its price.

    The winner is obviously OMNIA. Why pay more for an years old design, 2MP Camera, easily scratched phone? OMNIA design/materials made it lesser chance to get scratched, 5MP with flash/smile detector(citation needed), front view camera, a business card reader and others? More NEW functions for lower price?

  106. elliott says:

    ive been using my omnia a bit more now.
    pod casts awsome
    wifi to the uk openzone brilliant (faster than my old laptop!!!)
    upgradable memory

    and the user system becomes alot easier once your used to how it works, i can flip through mine no probs now!!

    anyone now if you can put a normal gps on the omnia instead of the gprs/wap one???

  107. Brian says:

    Can you help me out? I will be getting a smart phone, but there are 2 things I really need it to do; completely interface and synchronize with Outlook and run, and sync with, a fairly intense Excel workbook (multiple sheets, lots of IF statements, Index, Match, Lookup and drop downs) and edit it. Do I need a WM phone, or will other OSs do these two things and, if so, which?

    I think I am looking at an Omnia, Nokia 96 or RIM Storm. Will all these phones do what I need and are they all available in North America (Canada & Rogers)?



  108. elliott says:

    the omnia comes with ms word, ms exel and power point and syncs with your laptop. not sure how in depth it will go to as i just play but should do what you need.

    hope this helps.


  109. Carlos says:

    elliot, Omnia has a normal gps. There are several posts inthis thread about gps.

    Brian, WM will definitly do sync and Excel. Some other OSs will do it too, but I don’t know the quality of the results. I would stick to WM. Any WM device syncs Excel workbooks and Outlook mail, adresses and tasks.

  110. maz says:

    hi, can someone please tell me i am due for an upgrade and i am getting an omnia, would like to know if you can play videos using media player, and secondly can you stream vidoes on the phones internet like on laptop when you select video and it plays can you do that on the omnia as it is like a miniature laptop, what about saving videos direct from internet when your on the opera to yo phone is there a save as feature, thanks

  111. Xyle says:

    @ MAZ

    Yes, you can stream video on OMNIA, and yes OMNIA works like a mini laptop. As for the save video feature as mentioned, I’m not very sure as I have not really touch the phone yet. I’m getting my OMNIA this friday. =)

  112. Suzie says:

    I heard that the touching from Samsung is not so good like at the i phone, is that true?

    too many comment. I’m confuse…. don’t know which phone to get.

  113. Dave says:

    Its got to be samsung everytime the iPhone is pants Ive had them both and the i900 looks and feels a lot better the windows 6.1 works well the touch mouse is very good and the camera is fab not sure about the htc not really looked into it sorry if some people disagree its only cause like i said Ive had them both and i didn’t like the IPhone hope this helps PS still using the omnia and i luv it

  114. Jez says:

    @uzma on smile detect.

    go to camera mode, click on the shooting mode (2nd icon on the left top most of your screen) .. options will be display
    > Single
    > continuous
    > Mosaic
    > Panorama
    > Smile

    select the Smile.


  115. Jez says:

    @uzma on page zoom-in.

    When browsing using internet explorer,
    1) via Menu option (located at lower right of your screen).
    Select Zoom-in/Zoom out. or
    Select View then change font size from smallest to largest.
    Enjoy the page panning.

    2) or, via Volume up button.
    press the volume up button for about 3 secs.
    it will magnify the screen.
    to unmagnify press again the volume up button 3 secs. or simply tap the screen.

    Hope this will help.

  116. ROBO COP says:

    Iphone is so rubbish. nothing good about it appart from the 3g but even that isnt as good as omnia. the gps is so in accurate internet is the same as omnia and not sure about htc diamond but reading from reviews omnia is always the clear winner.

  117. Brian says:

    I keep asking this question and keep getting different answers. Can anyone give me the definitive truth. GPS on the Omnia – Is it totally cell network independent right out of the box? I am in Canada. If I travel to the US and use my phone, the roaming costs are astronomical. If the GPS requires a cell connection to work, the costs would be prohibitive. Can I turn off the the cell connection and still use the GPS, just like a TomTom or Garmin, or would I have to buy some different software? Does anyone in Ottawa Canada have one and would show me?

  118. Brian says:

    Carlos, sorry to be repetitive about the GPS, but in the last couple of days I have spoken to 4 cell providers and (aside from never having heard of the Omnia – Canada eh?) all said the the GPSs needed to be connected to the cell network to function, the Blackberrys, Nokias, iPhone, etc. so I am concerned. They wouldn’t lie to me would they??? 😉

  119. Carlos says:

    ben, iPhone’s touchscreen is better. In my opinion, the only advantage the iPhone has over Omnia.

    Brian, cell providers’ earn money when you’re connected… They want you to be connected! It all comes to the software they bundle with Omnia. If all you get is Google Maps or something like that you need to be connected – unless you install another program. If the phone has a GPS module, it can navigate without connection.

    I live in Portugal; TMN sells Omnia with Route 66 and it works with or without connection. The difference is the A-GPS function; it only works when you are connected and it helps to get GPS points faster or in bad reception conditions.

    Did providers lie to you? Maybe not; maybe they just forgot to tell you had to buy extra software to use the GPS without connection or maybe they just don’t know so they gave you the safe answer.

  120. Mihaela says:

    Hei guys, just have one question…
    Let me tell you I am blonde, but not natural, in case some of you will find appropriate to laugh at my question..

    Got the Omnia yesterday and while playing music from my storage, I was not able to find the comand that all songs are beeing played in role…Need to press every song, one by one…:(

    I love it!

    Omnia – first place!

  121. Carlos says:

    Mihaela, it is a shame nobody answers you! Have you tried selecting all songs and then clicking play?

    saurabh, if you can try before you buy. To me it is Omnia without doubt.

  122. Mihaela says:

    Carlos – I was pretty sure that you’re gonna be the one answering…so I was waiting..
    No, I’ve tried them all – select all, play, etc..none works..It is either smth very very simple and I can’t just yet figure it out or smth..brrrr…I don’t know…

  123. Carlos says:

    Mihaela, as you can know if you read the other posts, I don’t have Omnia. I tried to answer some questions using the impressions I got from the “test drives” I did to Omnia and iPhone and the experience of several years using WM devices and GPS. I can’t try your problem in an Omnia right now and your question is puzzling me. I don’t listen much music in my PDA, but when I do I select the tracks and then “play”.

    Come on, Omnia users! Give Mihaela a little help here. Show us Omnia spirit!

  124. Carlos says:

    Mihaela, hello again! I mailed your question to a friend and here is his answer:

    For Touch Player, press the playlist button (top left corner) then ALL MUSIC > OPEN FILE
    Browse to the folder you put your songs, check all songs (MENU > SELECT ALL) > PLAY
    To save the playlist: NOW PLAYING > MENU > SAVE PLAY LIST

    I assumed you were using Windows Media Player, I didn’t remember Omnia has it’s own player… I hope this helps.

  125. elliott says:

    just an update, ive had the omnia for a few weeks now, ive downloaded divx and now watch seemless films, the gprs surfing uses the battery alot.

    can anyone help with the task manager, if you slide your finger up the screen the task manager comes up, but on mine this does’nt work and i cant find where you set it up!! its anouying as i have to go into task manager, then menu then end all tasks.

    as for the screen in sun light, if you get the protection films they help as well as setting the back light up.

    can anyone recormend a good gps provider i can download that does’nt cost too much (have garmin for the car but the phones good for on foot)

    many thanks elliott

  126. Brian says:

    Elliot, please keep me posted about the GPS situation. Carlos has really been trying to sooth my concerns about it working independent of the cell network, but all other sources (in Canada and the UK) I have talked to say it needs a cell connection. I need to talk to someone who is actually doing it. Sorry Carlos, I’m a bit paranoid about this.

  127. Carlos says:

    Don’t be sorry, Brian, you want to know if it will work for you before you spend your hard earned money!

    If you search the net you will find several threads about Omnia’s GPS. It seems there is still some troble with TomTom but Route 66, iGo and Garmin work fine – and don’t need cell connection.

  128. elliott says:

    well ive looked in to the garmin gps, unless i buy it(£99 in the uk) it seems to be a lot of messing about.
    heres a link to a guys web site he seems to know his stuff and has put a guide on.

    answer to all gps connections:-


    hope this helps guys, not sure when i will be doing it to my phone got more important things to spend £100 on LOL

    anyone look at that task manager thing for me???

  129. Carlos says:

    Mihaela, I’m glad I could help. Have a nice week!

    sherlie, they both support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, so they both have push mail.
    iPhone’s software may have to be updated; it is a free update (smething free from Apple! WOW!).

  130. alejandro says:

    hey guys!.. i’m new in canada.. actually a live in vancouver.. could you teel me where i can buy the Omnia?.. onother question.. i’ve just been stay here for 6 month and then i come back to my country (venezuela).. can i use it ?

    I hope answers… thanks!..

  131. Carlos says:

    alejandro, if you buy Omnia in Canada you probably won’t be able to use it in Venezuela – the provider will almost certainly block it. To be able to use it in Venezuela you must buy an unlocked unit (and it will be more expensive, probably a lot more expensive) or unlock the unit (remember it may be ilegal and make your warranty void). As I don’t live in Canada I can’t tell you specific places to buy Omnia; start looking in cell providers or Samsung Electronics resellers.

  132. ben says:


  133. Brian says:

    alejandro, I am in Canada and I don’t think you can get an Omnia here. All the ones I have found, apparently for sale here, are actually in England and. I fear, are all con jobs “Send me your money and I’ll send you a chocolate bar” type of thing. Don’t know about ben’s. Good luck. If you find one, let me know.

  134. kobby says:

    hi ,am about to buy a new phone and i want to know point blanc which of these 3 should i buy.the i phone,the touch diamond or the omnia….i read all that but i need a final conclusion..please help me out
    especially to those who have used them all before

  135. cager14 says:

    OMNIA ofcoz… here’s a logic… why do u need a 3G phone if u can’t make a 3G phone call… i mean iPhone does provide 3G function… but no inside camera… u still can’t make a 3G call… duhh… 3G for web browsing… hello~… whats WiFi doing there…?? so… all for OMNIA… no doubt… hTC… errr never a fan of it…

  136. Ben says:


  137. sakada says:


    i am going to buy a phone soon
    and after much consideration my list came down to two phone the omnia i900 and iphone 3g

    the omnia cool with the bluetooth which allow u to transfer file unlike iphone but it has limited programs and features

    on the other hand iphone 3g have many different programs available for download
    even though the camera suck (no offence)
    the touch screen of the iphone 3g is better then omnia

    so i still can’t decide which to buy

    pls help me!!!

    email me at sakadalim@aol.com

  138. Carlos says:

    sakada, just a little correction… Omnia has limited programs??? Omnia can use any Windows Mobile program and you can download thousands, many of them for free!
    iPhone has a better touch screen and a worse almost anything else. Decide what’s important to you and then buy.

  139. Paul says:

    I’m now on my fourth Omnia and it’s already gone faulty after 2 days. That’s it I’ve had enough, it’s a great little phone, but the build/firmware is very poor.

    To give you an idea of faults –

    GPS overheats the phone and it burns your leg
    Signal drops without reason (full bars)
    Phone on but will not respond (all did this after a while)
    Drop the phone 1inch on to my desk and it turns off
    Battery life died within an hour of full charge (random)
    Loss of sound until reboot
    Touch screen slowed down
    START button started taking up to 5 second to appear
    Camera quality got worse over time

    Don’t like the Iphone, so I might try a Sony X1… HTC to slow for me…

  140. Suzie says:

    Please tell me which phone can do email, chat and websearch at the same time? when I search the web,
    and wait for download, can I chat or read my email at the same time?

  141. dede says:

    I have all the phones. Each phones have negative and positive, but overall i900 is the winner.

    Nothing out there would satisfy you, but they will come up with super duper high tech phone!!!

  142. Mihaela says:

    Hello all,

    Here I come again, asking for your help. As I was saying couple of weeks before, I got the Omnia. So far, the only thing that bothers me is the fact the the batery goes down veryyyyy fast..I mean I charge it as by the book and after no more than 2 days goes down. And I don’t use it as per that. I tried over the weekend without listening music, no e-mail, no bluetooth..
    Is it normal? Is it smth I don’t do?


  143. ben says:


  144. Mihaela says:


    I thaught I do, cause I’m using a hands free while driving, but as I said, over the weekend I’ve tried it without anything to justify the batery loss…And still goes down too soon…


  145. David says:

    Hi everyone,
    i am an apple fanatic and i went for a …….samsung omnia
    iphone got a good interface and screen but functionalities are too limited for my use.
    i have it for 2 month now.
    i upgraded with the latest firmware upgrade and the phone is more responsive than before.
    using the gps with tomtom and gps gate no problem at all no need of cell connection.
    opera mobile is very good for internet browsing.
    The screen is good enough too watch movies with subtitles.

    for people having problem with memory i suggest wktask manager. it’s free and verygood for managing memory/task.

    the quality of photos are good

    the flash light function is more usefull than you think.

    An important thing. Omnia have a better phone reception than the iphone which is important i think for a phone !!!!


    have you try to deactivate 3g connection i know it drains the battery a lot and doesn’t deactivate automatically.

    just go to settings connections datacall manager and disconnect .
    on moderate usage i have 3-4 days of battery.

    thanks for reading

  146. akobuang says:

    well if your video savvy i probably recommend samsung omnia. Acc to the specs, it has MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA/OGG/AMR player, DivX/XviD/WMV/MP4 player. It may probably play these “codecs” which some of your fave downloaded videos are encrypted. Probably ill buy samsung, but im still waiting for phones or similar devices that may play matroska files or ogm files.

  147. patrick says:

    Hi all,

    I just wondering why all the post also choosing Omnia instead iphone 3g. Is that iphone really bad compared to omnia. I heard omnia also have many bug and issue.

  148. David says:


    with the latest firmware the omnia got less and less bugs

    The iphone 3g got a lot of weakness even safari the web browser got big weakness like you can not download things. No copy and paste of links etc…

    The iphone 3g can not edit office document for example.
    yes the interface is great but you can have similar interface on windows mobile too.

    No mms in this time is a big mistake from apple

    no copy and paste but apple invented the copy and paste.

    2 Mega pixel camera my 2 years old phone got that.

    a 3g phone without front camera to make video call it`s nonsense. my first 3g phone got one. 3 years old phone !!!

    there is a video editing software on the iphone wich is not enable to make video !!!

    the batery on the iphone is not that good either.
    the reception signal is not that good.
    the iphone doesn’t support very well humidity and rain.

    i think i will stop there

    i am a mac fan but i think there is too many flaws in the iphone

    thanks for reading

  149. Bon says:


    I live in the Philippines but spend a lot of time in the US and do a lot traveling around the world as well. Any thoughts on which phone I might be able to get the best and easiest use out of all over the world, but especially US and Asia?


  150. Craigg says:

    I bought one Omnia 4 days ago, and it is impressive.
    Now I downloaded the Windows Mobile Center file English 32-bits, and ready to update with the latest ROM.

    Mine come with Garmin GPS software.
    Can I install TOm TOM as well?

  151. David says:

    only tomtom 7 will work and you need another software like gps gate or port splitter to make it work properly
    for the momment. or just wait for tomtom to relase a new version of tomtom 7

  152. patrick says:

    I have used garmin XT and mapking. Both worked for me.

    Thanks David for your elaboration. I am also a omnia user but people around me keep saying Iphone is the way better. I just tired of denying it infront of them.

  153. Carlos says:

    Craigg, you can install as much GPS programs as your memory can handle 🙂

    Carefull about Tom Tom, it has some problems in Omnia. Garmin, Route 66 and iGo seem to work perfectly.

  154. akash says:

    The samsung specs maybe better but the iphone pwns in other things like the browser, games, feel, look the big toch screen etc
    IPHONE is a winner by a close margin
    dont even ask me about the htc diamond! its wayyyy too falshy

  155. Saleh says:

    Hi every body

    I’ve read all the previous posts and was convinced that Samsung Omnia is the best choice. I still have a question anyway, is it true that applications to be downloaded to the Omnia have to be installed on the phone’s internal memory which is only about 512 Mb only? I hope this is not correct.

  156. Garcia says:

    Now I think Touch Pro wins the game for REAL PDA users with extensive data input or output.

    how on earth could someone choose a PDA just for its fun or its camera resolution?

    besides, iphone is a toy not a PDA.

  157. owens.sc says:

    The Iphone is that good people are still comparing every new phone that come out to it and the 8/9 month old Iphone still stands up. So come on credit where credits due. Apple woke up the mobile phone market and some of the other phone companies have still got sleepy heads!!!!!

  158. Otterman says:

    If you are a true pocket pc phone aficionado, the samsung phone should be your number one pick. People who may not be familiar with pocket pc phones easily fall into advertising hype such as the one with iPhone. True pocket pc phone aficionados look for features such as integrated gps not A-GPS, A2DP, extra storage slot, faster processor, FM, WM6.1, 3G, 3.5G, or 4G, Quadband, WiFi, VideoCalling, VoiceRecognition, etc.

  159. Steve says:

    I was lucky enough to win an I Phone, I think overall it is a great phone. However I had a massive issue with:
    1: No MMS
    2: 2 MPX camera although the quality is ok but it should be much better for a phone in todays world in its price range.
    3: Apples refurbishment policy – not a fan of this one at all, if your phone is dead on arrival apple give you a refurbished replacement.

    I am considering selling my iphone and getting an omnia purely for the 5mega pixel camera and mms capability, I do want to see what the pic quality is though. My last 4 phones were samsung, D500 which was excellent for its time, z400 which i had no issues with and z510 which was good aside from the camera. My last samsung phone was the U700, this was easily the worst and most un user friendly device i have every used. I had to have it repaired twice within the warranty period and was looking for any excuse to get rid of it… thankfully apple gave this to me so I am a little bit sceptical about the omnia. I moved from Nokia’s to Samsungs when nokia became duds. After my last samsung experience i will definately see what people are saying about them over the next few months before i make a decision.

    HTC- never used one and dont think i would want to.

  160. Mark says:


    I live and work in Japan and am contemplating purchasing the Omnia. I will be relocating to the US next year. Can you give me your thoughts on what will work here and there. It is my understanding that Omnia will only work with Edge in the USA. Thank you.


  161. David says:


    most of the time you can install applications on the internel 8 or 16gb memory or on the sd card of the omnia . Only some application which need fastest access to phone function need to be installed in the phone memory.


    got mine since September.

    didn’t get any problem with it and i have played with it a lot flashing the firmware trying weird application…
    i have even drop it several time without any case protector.


    htc touch pro is a good fridge sized phone 😉
    too heavy too bulky.But as a keyboarded phone you can not compare it with the omnia compare it with the xpera instead.

    i don’t know it you have always your camera with you to take photos. I have a 8 months baby and use my omnia to take photos everywhere and it’s very usefull.
    my wife got my old nokia n82(the photo quality is a lot better than the omnia and this phone got a real xenon flash with a carl zeiss lens) and she also take a lot of photos with it just because the quality is really good and because you always have your phone with you.Before she wasn’t use to take photo with phone.

    another point. the name card reader on the omnia is really good because the camera is really good.

    pda are now more like pc than personnal assistant. so why not having some fun with it. on every phone now you can manage you time table store your agenda and so on… so every phone is a pda if you look at the very first meaning of it.

    thanks for reading.

  162. STEEL says:

    My bro has an iPhone, his wife has the latest HTC unit and I’ve Omnia. I played around with the 3 units, exploring the technologies and features that packaged them. Of the 3, the Omnia has the edge over the 2. With Omnia, I don’t even worry forgetting my laptop. I can still work with just my Omnia. It has the powers of Windows, MS Office and Internet that you can almost forget that it’s a mobile phone.

  163. Brian says:

    I’m starting a business that I will be running from my car. I’ll call on clients, do my service and I want to hand them the invoice right then. The invoice will be from an Excel spreadsheet, merged with the client info from Outlook. I want to print the invoice on a Canon or HP mobile printer via either blue tooth or WIFI. I would like to do all this with the OMNIA (whenever it gets to Canada). Do any of you know if this will work??

  164. Mihaela says:

    Carlos, out of the subject and am sorry for that, but needed to say that Portugal is a beautifull country..

    Now on the subject, am very very happy with my Omnia and satisfied with the specs….and thanks to those that helped..

    All – enjoy the coming seasons!

  165. TheNapster12 says:

    I like the iPhone 3G becouse i have something with apple but… I prefer the Omnia! I have the omnia and it is a wonderfull phone! It has a lott of spec’s.

    So buy the Omnia!

  166. Cheryl says:

    I purchased the BB Storm about a 2 wks ago and now that Verizon has come out with the Omnia I’m going to switch the BB for it. I’m a recent WM user(HTC Mogul) and I got suckered in the heap over the Storm. So when I brought it I was very excited but once I started messing aroung with it I went from excited to downright disappointed. Don’t get me wrong the BB Storm is awesome for current BB users but just not for me! I prefer a WM devise that does it all plus some!!


  167. Malik says:

    I think Samsung is winning this war …. Omnia is best …. In UK next version of Iphone should be available from all the mobile operator otherwise Iphone will loose it perminantly.

  168. Jon says:

    The omnia can most likely do those at the same time since it has probably the best processor out there. also omnia has 6.1 pro where as diamond does not. the difference is omnia can edit things like word processor. the htc touch pro however can do the same. the keyboard aspect is an opinion. some people like the push out keyboard some like the touch screen.

    for me, ive had a push out keyboard for over 2 years and its time for all touch. the only thing that brings up a question as to which phone is better is the screen for the HTC. yes the interface is prettier and stuff but after a day neither will matter. it will get boring so its not a huge biggy although its a possible dealbreaker. ive heard that the HTC is more userfriendly up to a certain point and videos are somehow better on the omnia considering a worse screen. however the omnia is the better performer. if only samsung gave it the same screen as the htc there would be no comparison. GAME OVER

  169. Saint says:

    Doesn’t anyone missing stylus slot on Omnia? I am using stylus for writing for years and I can’t imagine to effectively write on virtual keyboard.

  170. Ok, i did previous research. altho im trapped with verizon, i would still pick the omnia if i wernt. read on from me, ive grown qukite knowlegable on this. The samsung has a 2.5 and 3.5 headphone slot. this means that you dont need those damn 2 way head sets. it also has wifi, which im not sure the iphone doesnt have but i diont htink so. the wifi on it, you just go straigh into starbucks the day you get it and check your myspace. it has a camera to rival lower end digitals at 5 mpxl. it also has the newest window mobiel(6.1). it can hold as much as the iphones lower end device. the 32 gb, now who actually needs that much. It also has microsoft office, yes exactly wahts in your computers program list. the only downsides i can point out are that the samsung lacks a stylus slot, and that the iphone has more adanced motion snsors.

  171. lynne says:

    hi, is there anyone who could tell me how to download applications from Windows Mobile. As i know, the iPhone has a feature/button that goes straight to downloading the applications. does windows mobile provide any of this? and also, what is the difference between htc touch HD and samsung omnia?

  172. Carlos says:

    Difference between HTC and OMNIA: your best bet is trying them. It’s the only way to see which one suits you best. Of course, you can also read the specifications!

    About the downloads: iPhone can only download applications form AppleStore – unless you jailbreak it.

    WM devices were designed to give you freedom of choice about your software supplier; there lots of cheap or even free applications in the net. Search “windows mobile programs” “windws mobile apps” “windows mobile games” and you’ll get thousands of programs you can download. Download them to your PC and then transfer them to the WM device though the sync cable (this works with any WM device).

  173. Mikey says:

    For pure included features, value and price, looks like the Omnia is the hands down winner here…16GB included memory (8 GB for Iphone), expandable to additional 16 GB (not so for Iphone), removable battery (not on Iphone), included MS Office Apps (extra non MS for Iphone), priced same as Iphone 8 GB for 2 yr contract from Verizon only (ATT only for Iphone), 5 GB autofocus camera (basic 2 MP for Iphone), all other features are virtually identical between the two as best I could tell…my pick is the Omnia

  174. ben macera says:


  175. moe says:

    Hi all,

    I, personally, haven’t tried the the Samsung Omnia yet, but i’ve seen pretty much all review videos of it everywhere that i’m somewhat familiar with it as if i own it…

    as u can see, i’ve been researching it faithfully for a while now comparing it with many others, and so far it’s my favorite.

    i’m currently using a SE W960i, and i’m planning on switching to the Omnia soon. I just hope the switch from symbian to WM will not be so hard…

    Anyways, it Omnia all the way baby!

    if anyone has any questions i can try to help, maybe give Carlos a little break… 😉

    keep it up dudes and dudettes!

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  177. kike says:


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    Regards and good luck

  178. Pete says:

    Samsung Omnia is appalling. Played with a friends one and I genuinely felt sorry for him. It just doesn’t work. I can’t believe there are people on here praising it. Unbelievable.

  179. Cheryl says:

    Well Ladies and Gents,

    I’ve had my Omnia for a little over a month and I have to tell you I’m not disappointed. The widget today screen is a waste of time b/c you can’t add new widgets to your liking. However there are thousands of tweaks and programs out there that makes having the Omnia (WM6) a wonderful thing to have!

  180. jonathan says:

    the iphone 3g has an slow internet (3,6m/b) but its the best touch-screen(it reakts on elektrik fields in the omnia or htc you have to press) and it has os.

  181. Sam says:

    I just picked up a Samsung i900 Omnia in the ‘Sure’ network mobile phone shop in the Isle Of Man, unlocked and sim free for £215! thats half price. Its an ex display model but in perfect nik! What a bargain. At £215 it makes the Samsung a clear winner for me!!

  182. Emily says:

    IPHONE for sure! i have an iphone and my partner has the samsung, im not a fan of using a pen and the iphone is just way cooler full stop! boo to all you iphone haters!

  183. Carlos says:

    Don: you can try Pocketmusic or Coreplayer. I have not tried them ( I don’t use iTunes), so I cannot tel you for sure it will work.

    Emily: you are not a fan of using a pen, I’m not a fan of using my fingers. My phone is a tool, I don’t care if it is cool – I just want it to work. So, should I say now “boo to all you iPhone lovers”? 🙂

  184. Greg says:

    Hi , have had samsung for 1 week.
    At this stage am very dissapointed.
    No voice recognition for bluetooth.
    Widgets are a waste of time
    Everything seems to hard to do
    Maybe to clever for me?
    I must admit though I am very encouraged by everyone elses responses and I am going to give it another go.
    Has any one used Micosoft Voice recognition?
    Seems way to technical for me

  185. Don says:

    Wow samsung is winneeeeeeeeeeeer i love it i got one today it is much gr8 then iphone or dimond so ………………………….winner is ……………… samsung i 900

  186. Hi Everyone,

    Well I’ve had my Omina for over 3 months now and I’m still very happy with it. As I stated in my last comment there are thousand of sites and programs that makes having a WM an awesome kind of phone to have. I’ve found this really cool site (http://www.onlline.org/omnia/) that I could upload multiple skins using SPB Mobile Shell (shareware) and also it has a lot of other programs that can be uploaded to your phone as well.
    If you have an Omnia you should go check it out…and best thing of all the uploads are totally FREE!


  187. Exia says:

    Hey guys in case anyone is still deciding, I have tried them all and will give you input about the best smart phone of these 3. Omnia is a clear winner, and overall the sum of its features and functions are unparalleled as of yet. I will not bother mention any of the of the pros for any of them unless I have to. I do admit that I am biased but when I buy a pda or a smart phone, I look for 3 key things only: Video playback capabilities/codec support; Web browsing and flash support (I hate those stupid built-in utube plugins because there are others like me who enjoy browsing other video websites!!!!!!!!!); and finally the ability to access home networks to manipulate/modify/open files and folders on other computers via WiFi.


    Cons: – Touch screen is not as multifunctional and as finger responsive as the iphone.
    – Resolution is alright but HTC has a higher resolution.

    Now for me the resolution is alright I am not complaining. Even though the touch screen of the Omnia is not as responsive as the iphone, it is a better screen in general. A lot of people like to use a stylus and the hypersensitive touch screen of the iphone is incompatible with any object that does not radiate heat (i.e. ‘non-flesh’ material). If you have stubby fingers then the iphone experience will definitely suck for you when using the keyboard.


    Well I was playing around with my mother’s iphone the other day and I was stumped…shocked at how broad the features seemed in the ads/commercials and how limited they felt upon (man)handling one of them. The iphone was definitely a boring smart phone after a while, most of its features are limited to the apps. store which is pretty stupid. There is literally no practical use of the WiFi or bluetooth if you cannot pair your iphone to a near by PC or laptop. Also it is clear that the iphone was originally intended for N.American use only (even though you can use it elsewhere) because you cannot insert sim cards into it, howver you can register different lines from different carriers into it. THIS BTW IS NOT A GOOD FEATURE it is extremely stupid. A good phone must be simply a piece of hardware that is not locked to a network and since giant corporations don’t like that, they are slowly depriving such a freedom by integrating phone lines with brand new mobile phones. Essentially it is a scam. Also the camera on the iphone is extremely primitive, there absolutely is not much difference between the iphone and the ipod touch. You might as well just regular mobile phone to your ipod touch and you’ll have a product equally as comparable to the iphone and cheaper.


    I personally have nothing against this little bugger. I like its style and if I was out on the market looking for a mobile phone that has multiple features I would go for this one. It’s touch screen requires a little firmer touch but that is alright I am a stylus fan. And guess what if you’re not a big fan of windows, you don’t even need to know it exists when using this phone as it preserves an original mobile phone interface (even though Windows is mainly the reason why you would ever consider buying this!) And again, the camera is weak in its functionality but you should not feel limited by its feature as you would by the iphone.

    Bottom-line: If you are tech savvy and crave hardware features, extended WiFi capabilities and multi-codec/flash support for video and (REAL) web browsing. Goo for the Omnia.

    If you like extensive hardware features and compact phones yet you do not care much about some serious multi-functionality go for the HTC.

    If you really have no clue about (TRUE) technology and you’re looking to blow some major quid on an overrated product. But I am being serious, my mother who owns an iphone and has never really been into heavy tech features is a pro with the iphone. The iphone is quite simple and the only reason why it has thousands of consumers is for its simplicity.

  188. Exia says:

    Ok a slight correction guys, if you live in the US and are considering the Omnia, you must buy the Omnia i910, I possess the i900 which is European/Asian compatible in terms of 3G connectivity. I have heard somewhere that the hardware features of the i910 aren\’t as great as the original i900. Anyways if you depend on the 3G connection for simple web access go for the HTC or iPhone, I am not sure about the Omnia i910 in this case because frankly I don\’t give a damn about mobile phones locked to the networks and carriers (To hell with them bloody corporations!)
    I bought an unlocked i900 Omnia and I am using it in Canada (just because I am stubborn as hell!!!)

  189. Dan F. says:

    Im a big fan of music and movies… with the specs shown Samsung i900 dominates. With the world of downloads (eg Divx, MP3), which ones much easier converting a movie or just copy & paste.

    Would you wait twice the time converting and copying or just drag & drop, defenitely NOT!

    You’re choice…for me the easier the better.

  190. Radu says:

    I already have a Samsung Omnia and I’m very proud of it so far. I do not regret my decision and i never will. I’m also proud of the comments it gets here.

  191. Aabid says:

    The Samsung Omnia is the clear winner – it’s much, much better than any phone I have ever seen, even the iPhone 3G! I really want to get an Omnia, and will be getting one soon – it’s definately worth the wait…


  192. vagelis says:

    omnia is good. diamond is beautifull. Iphone has the best and the fastest os i have ever seen. windows mobile is too slow and not as easy to handle as apples.

  193. Dinich says:

    I hear the Iphone V3 software is coming out soon – any ideas on what modifications/upgrades this software will have and how it will effect the iphone’s overall appeal?

  194. Sakada says:

    The omnia can multi task alright and the iPhone have Bluetooth but the v2 Bluetooth can only be used for Bluetooth headset however the new v3 (coming out soon) bluetooth will allow you to play game with your friend iF they and an iPhone,if u want play game with ur friend v2 iPhone, both of ur devices must be connected to a wifi

  195. Carlos says:

    does iphone have bluetooth: yes and if you had took the trouble to read the specs you wouldn’t have to ask this

    does omnia mutitask: any windows mobile device can multitask

  196. Mihaela says:

    Pobre diablo…that’s what comes to my mind first when talking about Omnia…
    And I am talking good way, as this is one of the best ever. My boss has iPhone and usually stays with me when in meetings..Gosh, I’ve tried 4 times to answer once..Brrr…

  197. Michaelp says:

    As far as the camera is concerned I have a DSLR , so while 5mp is nice if you need a camera for that resolution quickly, this isn’t an issue for me.

    I am leaning more towards the iphone because of the optional equipment you can use to interface it. Ridgid for example makes a jobsite radio with a dock for ipod/phone, car adapters that simply plug in and run off the phone rather that cigarette lighters and cords, simple to find apps that are easy to load.

    Now my questions,

    Had an HTC wing, it seemed to me that finding software and installing was difficult, is it easier now?

    Also, are there any connection products that make the omnia more of an all around toy?

  198. Daniel says:

    Been using the Omnia for the past week and really have to say this phone is perfection in disguise. This is my 6th Microsoft OS based phone, first was a pocket pc phone way back in 2003, and i got to say that Samsung has hit the sweet spot in every area, giving users a perfect blend of style, performance and usability. Firstly there is the awesome 624mhz processor that keeps things running smoothly with minimum power consumption. Never have I experience so smooth interface action with so many applications running at the same time. Next the widget based homepage with the added power of the main menu/shortcut button allows me instant access to any program, gone are the days of scrolling through the programs menu. The auto rotate/web surfing/album and picture viewing/ contact scrolling/ works similarly to the iphone3g in many ways and both are equally enjoyable experience in these areas. The iphone3g really shines in the screen department but the differences are not so huge that it would swing users towards the iphone3g simply because the screen on the Omnia is also very nice. Omnia has true gps compared to iphone3g assisted gps and comes with a nav software that actually tells you where to go, something that is missing on the iphone3g as of this moment. Omnia has a 5 mega pixel cam with wide dynamic range, a flash that actually works and can also be used as a flash light, anti shake that actually works, geo tagging, a range of different shooting modes and iso choices as well as smile detection mode, and the ability to take videos at both 640,480 – 15fps or 320,240 30 fps The pictures product on the Omnia are so good I can leave my 10.1 mega pixel dslr shooter at home when I am not going for a serious shoot. The iphone3g has a 2 mega pixel which does not ever take videos at all, the picture quality is in short, quite sad. Both phones work great as a music player but the sound on the Omnia seems louder and more crisp compared to the iphone3g. The Omnia works wonderfully with my sony bluetooth ad2p headphone which does not work with the iphone3g since it does not work with ad2p, neither does it allow transfer of files with other phones or my computer system which is a huge bummer since bluetooth file transfer is a huge thing for me. No issues on the Omnia since it is a windows moblie device bluetooth files transfer is a given. Video play back is amazing on the Omina more so if you are a divx fan like me since it plays it right out of the box, also the smooth playback without down converting of huge divx files ((more then 1gb per movie)) leaves me utterly stun, not to mention video output to TV. The battery life on the Omnia is just amazing a combination of low power consumption processor and huge replaceable battery really gives the Omnia a huge edge over the iphone3g. A device is only as good as the amount of time it can stay up and sadly to say the iphone sucks juice too fast. I use my phone for msn, smsing, mailing, surfing the web, making phone calls, listening to music, watching movies, reading ebooks, reading pocket e-sword, reading rss and listening/watching podcast. I spend more then 6hrs a day on my phone ((more so now since I got the omnia, heck I did not even touch my PC or laptop much over the last 3 days))and if you are anything like me then the Omnia is pure magic, have not ran out of juice even once and that is saying a lot, since battery power has been a huge issue for me on all my past phones so far but not the Omnia. The good thing is that I can get a spare battery to carry along if I ever need to, something I can never do with the iphone3g since the battery is not user replaceable. Good speaker volume, clear reception, good wifi, 3g, edge on both devices but still feel the speaker on the Omnia is slightly louder. Lastly the windows mobile platform has been around for a long time, meaning there is a ton of great software out there, that iphone3g is still trying to play catch up to. Furthermore been a windows mobile user for the last 5 years also means that I have invested a huge amount on software which thankfully works on my Omnia too. Omnia takes the crown for me. Great job Samsung and may you continue to produce winners like the Samsung Omnia. The Samsung Omina is not just a iphone killer, it is actually a product in a whole different class by itself.

  199. technoroboto says:

    Funny to hear some iphone users comment on how their phone is best…..

    Asking an iPhone owner if they like the Omnia over the iPhone is like asking a person if they like someone else’s kid better than their own. Of course they will make every excuse in the world to make their kid seem better. But if you compare the kids side by side, unbiased, there will be a different answer. I made my decision on which phone I wanted based on the facts of the features. I looked at all phones for over a year. I got caught up in all the iPhone hype and I was leaning towards an iPhone. As time went on I saw so many phones that came out that could do so much more than the iPhone. Some better than others. When I read the reviews and specs of the Omnia, I was sold!! It had everything I wanted (and it kinda looked like tha iPhone). Here is what you can’t do with the iPhone:
    -can’t use it as a laptop modem
    -no mms
    -no video
    -no FM radio
    -puny 2 mp camera
    -can’t change battery…………the list can go on.

    Now ask yourself what can the iPhone do that the Omnia cannot? I’m am sure there are somethings but it’s not an even assessment.

    Come on iPhone followers…..be serious!! Yes, your phone paved the way and set some standards. But that just made it easier for someone else to make a better product.

    There is a bright side to this for the iPhone community…….I am 100% positive that the next iPhone will be better than the last 2.

  200. Ian says:

    I own both the HTC Diamond and the Samsung Omnia, I find the Omnia is much more responsive, faster menu browsing. The Diamond 3D screen looks great but for everyday practicality the Omnia wins hands down.
    Better camera, bigger memory, faster menus, bigger screen. The HTC is a good size and the screen looks great, thats about it, still a good phone though.
    I like the HTC Touchflo that much that I put it on my Omnia, runs great. I’m a bit of a gadget person and still wouldn’t mind the iPhone, a love the look of all the apps you can get.

  201. Bonnie Schofield says:

    I’ve had the Omnia for several months now. I like it but it has recently started losing past appointments. It now only shows appointments three weeks prior or earlier to the current day if they are recurring. When I sync it to the outlook calendar on my computer all of the appts still show up there, but no luck on the phone. I just got the software updated thinking that might help, but no luck. Any suggestions?

  202. Bonnie Schofield says:

    Thanks Carlos! I hadn’t even seen that the calendar itself had a settings menu, just the main settings menu for syncing. That worked. Thanks again!

  203. Greg says:

    with the i phone, if you have photo in contacts ,on an incomming call ,it is displayed fullsceen.
    my omnia only displays a thunbnail.
    Is there a setting to change this
    Thanks Greg

  204. Well, I have all of them, iPhone costed me 800 US$, HTC diamond costed me 1000 US$ while Omnia Samsung i900 costed me 425 US$. Regarding clear image, very very sensitive screen and clear loud sound and millions of applications, then there is nothing like iphone. BUT, there is a problem till this moment with yellow snow and breakjail of iphone and network problem, also the camera is not so good.
    OMNIA is excellent but still not so sensitive, and the screen is not very powerful (relatively low resolution) and though camera is better, but not like Nokia N95 or SonyEricsson K800 cybercam.
    HTC is excellent but with three problems:
    1. Low resolution cam and video.
    2. Very low speakers sound.
    3. Though best quality and resolution screen, yet small.
    call me if you have comment:

  205. Star says:

    SAMSUNG OMNIA. for sure.
    why get the iphone when you can just get the ipod touch,
    it has like everything the iphone has except you cant call.

    i’ll be getting an omnia next month and my brothers already telling me that he would trade his iphone for it…

    and just for the heads up,
    the omnia was used in a show in Korea.
    i saw how good it is and im sure that everyone will like it.
    (well for anyone who can work a touch…)

  206. thomazzz says:

    i got an omnia but i’m thinking of buying a second phone, the new iphone 3G(S). reason?
    the omnia handles great, but the touchscreen just isn’t as good as ( i got an ipod touch so i know ) the one on the iphone/ipod touch. + the iphone is just easier to use.

    some advantages of the samsung are:
    better camera
    louder speaker
    microsoft interface
    high quality video captures( for a mobile phone )

    some advantages of the iphone:
    you can put games on it and listen to your music by just plugging in your headphones, the samsung requires a special cable for you to put your headphone adapter in.
    The interface is very easy to use

  207. My choice would be the Iphone 3G S. It’ more user friendly, has more functions and options; Apple is keen on quality.

    BUT, yes, there is a but. A major disadvantage of the Iphone is the lack of navigation applications (i.e. Igo, TomTom etc.). There are areas (Romania, for example) where you only get EDGE speed and the Google Maps aren’t detailed enough. That’s the downside of it.

    Thumbs up for the Iphone!

  208. DoctorSherwan says:

    Reasons to have iPhone:
    1. Best response from a touch screen. You will never loose a touch.
    2. Best music sound you ever can imagine.
    3. Easiest way to recieve and send emails or browse the net.
    4. Millions (if not trillions !) of applications especially FREE apps from (installous) even if it is origionally very expensive, yet you can get FREE.
    5. Hourly updates and new apps.
    6. You can have all musical instruments in it.
    7. You can have all medical apps (Like epocrates, Lexi Complete, Harrison …etc FREE.
    8. You can test your patients (ECG, Heart rate, Audiometry, ..etc).
    9. Best GPRS, GPS, Satellite rec. and more !
    10. Best Weather programs.
    11. All of Holly Quraan and other religions affair inside.
    12. Free Youtube downlaoder.
    13. Now, free arabic interface.
    14. Games ! just amazing, as if you have palystation 3.
    15. Many many other apps., like stepmeter, calory meter, best sound recorder, best bluetooth, stock market, all news and RSS.
    16. Beside, you have Skype, facebook and twitter !

  209. David says:

    I have owned a Samsung Omnia i900 for 9 months and have just got an iPhone 3GS. The Samsung is good but its not in the same league as the iphone for ease of use, applications, e-mail and internet.
    I will keep the i900 as a dedicated satnav using Garmin XT mobile but the iphone has no equal. It’s worth waiting for other carriers to get the iphone when O2’s exclusivity expires in a couple of months as O2’s coverage is not as good as Orange.
    Hope this helps.

  210. Louise says:

    Sorry guys,
    I’ve read all your comments and I own a Samsung Omnia and have been using it for 4 months frankly I’m changing.
    Regardless of ALL the features and I know there are many – you cannot read the screen the typing is so darn small, I cannot work out how to change it, I work with technology every day. I cannot stand the locking buttons when on a call, reading sms’s – you spend the next 5 minutes deleting all the icons that jump up on your screen. It is so easy to make mistakes as the screen print is JUST TOO DARN SMALL and the phone is just not easy to use!!!! I sat with an associate yesterday who has an iPhone and we made indentical steps – the iPhone won hands down – again I repeat the features on the Omnia are fabulous – but if a phone is too hard to use for every day use – it doesn’t matter how many features it has. My Omnia is going into the draw – and it’s going to be an Apple iPhone for me! I hope you have the chance to read this before you make your choice.

  211. maya says:

    im confused!
    i wanted to buy iphone, but reading your reviews, i got soooooooooooo convinced of buying samsung omnia, so i went to the telecom company to buy omnia, and the guy there insisted on not buying it because it has lot of problems with the software and the windows! and he was dying convincing me that iphone is the best!
    so i left the shop without buying any!

  212. ary says:

    i have omnia.. but i has upgrade it to WinMo 6.5.. it so cool.. for you who have omnia.. get download the SPB home it more cooler than Windows Vista..

  213. Logan T huckelberry says:

    It seems more than a little biased on your part that you fail to list many of the iphones (inferior) hardware specifications such as its slower processor, and its total lack of basic smartphone features such as cut and paste. (yes, I know it should be getting them “soon”, but it’s a little saddening that users view them as some kind of breakthrough rather than something to be expected out of the box)

    I’ll say this. The iphone is a good phone in the respect that it is stable and responsive, as are most apple products.

    Where it lost me (and what ultimately made me go for the omnia instead), was its inability to compete in terms of hardware ( the camera is terrible) and user customization.( you have to void the warranty to install 3rd party Apps and you can’t even replace the battery yourself, WTF?)

    I was a little wary of the omnia at first due to it having windows mobile 6.1 as standard, but even on the 2008 firmware/6.1 OS i have never felt the need to update, as it’s proven itself to be extremely reliable and flexible with features circa 2008 that iphone users will have to wait till summer 2010 to receive.. (I’m running a lot of programs such as IM clients and games that weren’t even intended to run on my handset that work flawlessly.)

    All in all I’d say the strongest in terms of value for money as regards features is the omnia, followed by the HTC.

  214. Krelov says:

    Omnia all the way, for the challenge, I bought Omnia, two of my friends bought iphone and a neighbor has the Diamond, in comparison, the omnia came all out

  215. Gideon says:

    I have the omnia and its awsome
    I consider myself techno retarded but was able to connect to the internet and several wireless netwrks recently on a trip to china…this phone does it for me!!!

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