Google Android phone facing possible delays, Google’s mobile OS has problems

New reports in via PC World is showing that Google’s mobile phone OS is having problems which might lead to possible delays, these such delays could possibly mean that we will not see the new operating system till about the fourth quarter of 2008, what a big spanner in the works.

If this is all true then the news we saw at PC World which they saw reports from the Wall Street Journal then Google’s Android platform for mobile phones must be experiencing major problems, so what is the real reason for the “Possible” delay? Google Android-based mobile phones were expected to be out in the open and of course ready for the second half of 2008, but it seems problems with the software and hardware are the main reasons for the major hold up, this is not good news at all as many people are sitting and waiting for the anticipated Android-based phones. The WSJ also reports that some mobile operators with Sprint Nextel named have abandoned some plans to launch the Android mobile phone this year and it is said that China Mobile is also said to have delays and may roll out later this year or even early next year. Google are obviously making many changes after changes to the software to get things exactly right, and the main reason behind this is in my mind something to do with making it that perfect that it will be near enough impossible for software developers to create programs customised to work with operator requirements, well I wonder.

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