Apple iPhone 3G pricing in Japan is Y23,040 Softbank say 7,280 yen monthly charge

Softbank have recently announced their pricing for the Apple iPhone 3G in Japan, they said that they will sell the new iPhone 3G for Y23,040, Softbank also said that the monthly charge for Japanese iPhone users will be 7,280 yen which also includes unlimited data-transmission usage, if subscribers sign up to the plan that allows them to talk free between Softbank subscribers most of the day.

All those in Japan will see an entry-level version on the iPhone 3G with 8GB of storage and this version will cost you 23,040 yen, but if you want to step it up a little then why not choose the 16GB version for 34,560 yen, the contract will be on a two year plan. Softbank and their bigger rivals NTT DoCoMo have been fighting hard for the rights to launch the Apple iPhone 3G in Japan, so you can guess how big the smiles on Softbank’s face are right now seeing as from July 11th will see the release. All those that are in Japan please do let us know if you will buy the Apple iPhone 3G and why, do you think the pricing is reasonable? What ever you wish to say, please do say it here in the comment area below.

Just an update on Softbank Shares: They closed down 1.5 percent at 1,843 yen, while the broader Nikkei 225 index .N25 lost 0.6 percent.



5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3G pricing in Japan is Y23,040 Softbank say 7,280 yen monthly charge”

  1. Sakabara says:

    I will definitely buy the 16G version of iPhone 3G. At 34.560 yens, it’s far less than the top-models of Japanese branded phones. The data plan is also relatively cheap compared to what is available for competing services. Only problem with the iPhone in japan is that it does not allow many of the e-wallet functions that come standard in every other Japanese phones nor does it has a TV tuner which is also standard on all new generation phones here. Still, I believe the iPhone will be a huge success in Japan. Time will tell…

  2. lucas says:

    Hey, I went to the Softbank store and they gave me a complete different picture: The plan info is correct BUT you have to pay the phone in 24 month, 3,300 yen a month, which end up being more than 80,000 yen (800 dollars!!). I asked if I pay cash: same price! What they announce and what the stores are saying is different, I hope the announces are right, I’m not paying “Japanese get always screwed” price for it.

  3. kaushik says:


    latest !….6Except for the flagship stores in JAPAN … other shops start selling at 12… but u hafta get a nuber in the morning !! wchich wud typically start at say 7 am !!

    U need a credit card to get a connection 🙁 no credit card … no phone….

    Alt.. u can get the phone by paying the full at… 60k+ or 80k+ and get the phone wid no contract and the super discount will be on ur monthly bill… so technically the will get ur money wich is pretty high !!!

    and the worst pat is.. has been confired at a YODOBASHI store…. the phone comes wid an IPHONE SIM .. so if u think u can pay the amount.. go back to ur country and use.. think again.. U CANT !!!

    even if u break ur contract u end up wid .. technically a ITOUCH for 80K !!


  4. Will Woodhead says:

    Something slightly off the topic but still very relevant. I have just been relocated to Japan for a new job. First day on the job i was given a softbank phone so i take the sim out and put it in my unlocked iphone, works no problem.

    Absolutely fantastic, i can get all the maps and find my way around yokohama and tokyo no problem. I reset the data transmission and after a month i have up and downloaded about 50mb of data. The other day my secretary comes to me with a bit of a look on her face, she has just received the first bill and mine is a little higher than everyone elses! about 189000 yen higher! Thats about 1900 USD!

    That’s not the best of it, she came to me on the 16th of the month and by then i had already used 150mb for month 2. She phoned softbank and they said my 2nd month bill was currently 170000yen (USD 1700). So great i get a 3600USD bill for downloading a few maps and sending a few mails.

    Softbank tell me what i was downloading was not in the price plan or something like that! As far as i am concerned they are all gangsters and can’t be trusted! The bill seems completely arbitrary and there is no reason why it couldn’t have been 13600USD! They seem to be pulling figures out of thin air.

    And by the way this is all national use, no roaming or international call! So i have requested a fully itemized bill and i am waiting to see if there is any sort of watch dog utilities organization in Japan who is sympathetic to my case. Needless to say i am not that interested in staying in Japan or buying any mobile phone sim cards.


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