Warning Apple iPhone 3G roaming charges may kill your pocket: Turn it off

Apple iPhone 3G roaming charges may put a little dent in your pocket, we want to warn you in advance and tell you how it is. This information in advance may help you to save money.

The latest scoop is that the Apple iPhone 3G carrier in the UK O2 has apparently stepped up or should we say upped the ante to data-roaming charges, the iPhone 3G will serve up wireless data at speeds that of course dependant on the network, which can rival broadband speeds which is fantastic news, but UK iPhone 3G users may see steeper data-roaming charges. If you use the Apple iPhone 3G to roam around the EU, you will be charged a staggering £3 (about $6 US) for a single megabyte (Mb) that you download, it gets worse sorry because if you roam outside the EU then you will be charged a massive £6 (about $12 US) per megabyte downloaded.

This is pretty expensive for a single Mb but there is a simple solution to the above problem; just remember to turn off the “Data Roaming” setting on your Apple iPhone 3G when you are overseas. See thanks to us giving you a heads up we surely have saved you a pretty penny. Nether the less the iPhone 3G will definitely be in my hands come July 11th, high charges simple solution will not sway me getting the new iPhone.

Source — MacRumors

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