T-Mobile @Home Launched today: promotions includes paying of your mortgage

T-Mobile USA are pulling out all the stops with a brand new product launch with some amazing promotions to go with it, the new product goes by the name of T-Mobile @Home which has been launched today.

T-Mobile @Home is a brand new home telephone service and this new service will enable you to switch over to their existing home telephone numbers quickly, you will be able to receive calls over a broadband connection which will be so much cheap than before, so happy days. Ok so you get a cool service but T-Mobile want to give you more in the way of promotions such as in July they are offering to pay mortgages off plus take over rent payments, oh and they are giving away new homes, this is surely going to generate more people to sign up. This service is definite great but when you think about it is old news really seeing as back In 2001 Vonage (VG) had a similar service.

We say T-Mobile will deliver and will possibly be great competitors to other major wireless companies, we all know different firms have to steal each others customers and they will do everything possible in their power to achieve this goal, it is a cruel world and there is money out there to be made, which comes to the saying “Let the best man/woman win”. T-Mobile’s deal looks very good indeed to say the least; damn I would love for my mortgage to be paid off. Now let me tell you a little bit about the T-Mobile @Home service, it will cost only $10 per month which is half the price of Vonage’s lowest-priced plan, Home is where the coverage is Your T-Mobile HotSpot @Home wireless router creates a personal network for your HotSpot phone, for great coverage at home. Unlimited nationwide voice calls Include the HotSpot @Home Talk Forever Mobile service and you can make and receive unlimited nationwide calls over Wi-Fi from home, or at any US T-Mobile HotSpot location, anytime, day or night. A great phone away from home Whenever you’re out and not using a Wi-Fi network, your HotSpot phone works just like a regular mobile phone, using your Whenever Minutes
under your T-Mobile voice plan, game on and fair play to T-Mobile is all we say.


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