592 million own mobile phones in China and same amount dont

So what would be the most lucrative mobile market to break into one wonders, which country would be the best to crack to gain the most potential sales? Well I’m sure most mobile operators have thought that very same question at some stage. One would have to think that it is fairly obvious though that most, if not all mobile manufacturers have given long though on just how to enter the Chinese market.

China may be one of the most profitable markets out there as 592 million own a mobile phone, and that’s 592 million people who will at some stage, change their mobile phone. Also it means there are at least in the region of another 592 million without a mobile handset, so the selling and profit potential is huge to say the least.

Apparently according to some figures from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, almost 45 million people purchased a mobile phone in the first five months of the year, while in the same period; “the fixed line carriers dropped 358 million users after losing 6.5 million subscribers.”

It’s no wonder nearly every mobile manufacturer wants a piece of the Chinese market. Reported revenue in the first five months is a staggering $48 Billion, and this shows an increase of 9.6 percent on last year.

So taking all this into consideration, and believing the official reports are correct, just think who much more money is floating around in the mobile phone knock-off business, which we all know China is famous for…the mind boggles!

Source — mobilewhack

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