Apple iPhone 2.0 Gold Master Firmware possible available on Friday?

If you are waiting to have a crack at Apple’s next iPhone firmware revision, the iPhone 2.0 OS, Gizmodo is tipping that the finalised version of the Apple iPhone 2.0 OS is expected on Friday to hit “Gold Master” status.

This of course means all those niggling tweaks are nearing completion, and that finally all the annoying little bugs have been eradicated. It also means that the gold version of the Apple firmware will be complete are ready well before its expected ship date of 11th July.

“The iPhone 2.0 operating system Golden Master will follow the release of build 345, which has seen the activation of two code-signing and encryption features not previously available.”

Please bear in mind that releasing the iPhone 2.0 OS Gold Master firmware initially or even to iPhone developers, it does not mean the general public will see it at the same time.

Bearing this in mind, the Apple iPhone 2.0 OS will eventually be available as a free update to present iPhone customers. Apple iPod owners will unfortunately need to hand over an additional $10.00 to get hold of this latest operating system. And if you take into consideration the support for AppStore, MobileMe, Exchange, and just possibly MMS, this update may well just be worth the extra cash outlay.

So, as announced back at the WWDC, Apple will make the update available during July, before the 11th, maybe.

Source — gizmodo

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