MMS support for Apple iPhone 3G? AT&T memo says yes

It was neglecting of Apple and AT&T to include MMS picture messaging on the original iPhone, a point that was argued by many, as while most were perfecting happy emailing images via the Apple iPhone’s integrated and intuitive email app, some out there felt they had somehow been sold short at Apple’s decision not to allow MMS on the iPhone.

Well this time round it looks as if Apple and AT&T are trying to please everyone, for apparently they are making ready to ensure the Apple iPhone 3G supports the ability to send the seldom used MMS picture messages to other MMS orientated mobile phones on AT&T’s network. It appears that an internal memo at AT&T lists support for MMS as a feature for the Apple iPhone 3G.

So, if this is true what will could hopefully, if not possibly see text, picture, and maybe even video massaging support on the next generation iPhone platform. Taking into consideration TA&T hasn’t included any free SMS text messages in any Apple iPhone plan rate, it could be seen that AT&T could possibly be launching a bundled iPhone MMS and SMS text messaging package.

An AT&T customer service representative has confirmed the AT&T internal memo, so I’d say maybe consider this an almost rumour until an official announcement is made; you all know what those customer service reps can be like.

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