The future of Mobile phones or simply the Twilight Zone?

Have you ever wondered if or when mobile technology would move up to the next level, when technology reaches the line similar to that envisioned in science fiction? Well it so happens that NTT DoCoMo has begun working on various projects, and the net whispers are its some fairly weird stuff too.

Apparently NTT DoCoMo is working on a type of music player that can actually be controlled by eyesight! The idea is, move your eyes from side to side and the music track changes. Sounds cool, but what if you say have a nervous twitch in the eye, or checking out the talent?

Also if the user rolls their eyes it adjusts the volume, but we roll our eyes for other reasons will the tech be able to differentiate?

Apparently NTT DoCoMo have a prototype that resembles a freaky set of headphones with wires and stuff pushing out everywhere while inside its chocka with sensors and computer chips that track the wearers electrical currents of their brain when their eyes move. Sounds a tad too Sci-Fi for me!

NTT DoCoMo is also working on a wristwatch that may take commands from you touching it with your fingers. Hey combine the two and we have hand-eye coordination! So is this really the future of the mobile phone? Maybe the manufacturers should hold a poll for mobile phone users to see what they would like to see in the future of the mobile handset?

Source — mobilewhack

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