O2 Apple iPhone 3G Upgrade Problems, online shop unavailable

Following on from our news we reported earlier titled “Breaking O2 News: Upgrade to New iPhone 3G Online Today for Free” (See Here), we have to report the problems we have had upgrading.

As we said earlier about receiving a text message from O2 reporting that we could upgrade early, prompted us to fill out the online upgrade form. Image below shows a screenshot of the form.

iphone 3g upgrade problems

It asks for you to fill out your first name and last name, date of birth and of course your account number, it also asks for the mobile number for upgrade which is basically the mobile phone number you are already using on your existing iPhone, it then asks for your house number or house name, street, town/city, postcode and email address.

Below that it will ask what tariff you wish to have, all you need to do is simply click the desired field.

Well we done all the above and then continued to see a nice message on the screen saying “There has been a problem with taking your order. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please try again.”

We want to know if you are having any troubles, please visit https://upgrades.o2.co.uk/failover/index.html

Our upgrade online shop is currently unavailable

UPDATE: When you click the “Upgrade Now” you will see a page saying “Our upgrade online shop is currently unavailable. For now, take a look at our iPhone tariffs.

So it seems they are having troubles with either the upgrade form, or indeed millions of iPhone 3G fans bombarding them all at once.


13 thoughts on “O2 Apple iPhone 3G Upgrade Problems, online shop unavailable”

  1. Andrew Porritt says:

    I find it really difficult to beleive that O2 have been caught off guard by the demand here. They’ve been pimping the release by text and e-mail since the 3G version was announced.

    Call me cynical, but I bet it won’t hurt their overall sales when they have the inevitable “Demand for 3G iPhone crashes O2 server” headline on related news websites.

  2. Darren says:

    I know how rubbish is that….

    they clearly expected the site to get millions of iphone customers all trying to order theres early so why did they not get better server control for today.

    disappointing O2….

    BY THE WAY… the call centre is the same…. all there systems are down and there is no way they can order it from there….


  3. Darren says:

    yeah ur right….

    If they have sold out and or are having technical problems they should make us aware instead of having everyone that wants one of these constantly reloading the page….


  4. This is crazy, I also noticed around 11am that they changed the way you upgrade from a simple form to now having an upgrade code texted to your mobile…

    Did that 5 times but had no luck, come on o2 sort this out!

  5. Hi there,

    the site is down again and i wanted to ask you what’s the Insurance & Bolt on forms for? It says “Required” but i have no idea of what is it? Do you?


  6. nick says:

    okay iphone upgrade website now does not have the unavailbe screen, however i have just been online to upgrade my iphone and the upgrade page is painfully slow and often doesnt load properly. furthermore it requires you to gain an upgrade code that took 30 mins to recieve and in which after i was never required to use the upgrade code! since i have filled in my details but have not recieved a single email or phone call from o2 to confirm my upgrade. has my phone been upgraded?! who knows and its impossible to get hold of annyone with a brain at o2.

  7. Major problems today. Tried everything – even held in phone queue for over an hour. Eventually reached the ‘sold out’ page. No preparation on the part of O2. Did they handle Heathrow T5 launch by any chance?
    Blogged at towerone.com

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