Listen to XM satellite radio on your Apple iPhone

A little while ago we posted on uSirius the native application for the Apple iPhone which lets the iPhone user listen to 163 channels over the Sirius satellite radio, well today we have the XM radio.
As with uSirius, the same applies with XM radio, the listener will require a jailbroken Apple iPhone along with an XM radio subscription of course.

Once you have your iPhone jailbroken and your XM radio subscription everything becomes quite simple. You find XM radio via Installer.app and just simply install the application. XM radio’s location is in iSpazio repository, which is part of Community Sources.

Once the XM radio application is installed on your Apple iPhone, uXM will simply load all channels logos and channels. All you need to do then is to pick a favourite station and listen to your heart’s content.

Oh, and obviously uXM as with uSirius will work much better over WiFi rather than EDGE, happy listening.

Source — gizmodo

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