New Mail for Exchange version 2.5.5 ready for download: Bug Fixes

Just to let everybody know that there is a new Mail for Exchange version 2.5.5 ready for download which has some bug fixes, so for those using Mail for Exchange 2.5 which was released in June this new one will help you a little.

The Mail for Exchange will be put out as multiple SIS files which is created for S60 3.0/3.1/3.2 and 3.1 with Home Screen which is on the Nokia E71 and E66. You must use the version of the SIS file that matches your type of device.

The release note on this new version is as follows, Mail for Exchange language: After Mail for Exchange is installed the application is launched automatically. For that first launch the language used was always English in the 2.5.0 release. Now Mail for Exchange 2.5.3 will always show the proper language.

Swedish language support: If you tried to run Mail for Exchange 2.5.0 or 2.5.3 on a phone using the Swedish language the application was crashing. This language error has been corrected in Mail for Exchange 2.5.5.

Meeting Requests: When accepting/declining a meeting request on the device, the meeting originator’s calendar meeting tracking tab will be correctly updated in most cases and Exchange 2007: The Mail for Exchange 2.5.0 release had an error synchronizing against an Exchange 2007 server without Service Pack 1. This error has been corrected in Mail for Exchange 2.5.3.

If you are using Mail for Exchange that is older than version 2.0.0 you must remember that you have to uninstall that Mail for Exchange client before installing the new 2.5.5 Mail for Exchange client.

To start using the new Exchange 2007 server features for the first time, you will have to perform a Full Re-sync on the device (Options>Full re-sync) after you have upgraded to Mail for Exchange 2.5.5. Download the update here

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